Germany Rejects Casino Legislation Over Consumer Protection Concerns


The proposed legislation aimed to liberalize the gambling market in Germany, which is currently heavily regulated. The government hoped the new laws would attract more investment and create jobs in the struggling market for online casinos. However, critics of the legislation argued that it would have led to a rise in gambling addiction and increased organized crime.

Rejection of the legislation

The state’s decision to reject the legislation has dealt a blow to the government’s plans to overhaul the gambling industry. The state’s government has stated that it will not support any legislation that does not adequately protect consumers or could lead to increased gambling addiction.

The state government has also expressed concerns over the lack of online gambling regulation and measures to prevent money laundering. They have called for a comprehensive review of the gambling market in Germany and for stricter rules to be put in place.

Next steps

It is still being determined at this stage whether the government will try to push the legislation through in other states or if they will revise the legislation to address the concerns raised by the state. However, the government will face significant opposition if they try to pass the legislation in its current form.

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Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans