Google Announces Expansion of Play RMG Services in India, Mexico, and Brazil

New RMG App Categories

The announcement was made in a blog post by Steve Martin, Google’s Head of International Trust and Safety, titled “Expanding Horizons in Real Money Gaming.” Following successful pilot programs and positive reception from both users and developers, Google is adjusting its policy to include additional RMG app categories such as Rummy and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

These pilot programs were instrumental in shaping the new policy direction. On the other hand, the expansion of the RMG categories also signifies the importance of needing innovation in the online casino and sports betting industry.

Implementation and Transition Period

In 2024, developers in India, Mexico, and Brazil will gain access to Google Play’s enhanced RMG framework, with further plans to extend this support to other countries. Google’s recent update explained: “We are excited about this new direction, which not only opens up fresh business avenues for developers globally but also continues to prioritize the safety of our users.”

This expansion also allows developers involved in our current RMG pilot programs in India and Mexico to continue offering their apps on Google Play. With that being said, here are the most important points you should remember:

  • Indian developers in the Google Play Pilot Program get a transition period until June 30, 2024.
  • During this period, DFS and Rummy apps can remain available on Google Play in India.
  • After June 30, 2024, the new policy will be fully implemented.
  • Indian developers can then offer a broader range of RMG apps, following local regulations and updated guidelines.
  • In Mexico, the DFS pilot program also concludes on June 30, 2024, allowing developers to distribute a wider range of RMG mobile apps in accordance with local laws.

Service Fee Model Revision

Developers are also being briefed about a potential revision in the service fee model. This update aims to “reflect the value provided by Google Play and maintain the sustainability of the Android and Play ecosystems.” The revised service fee structure will be formulated in close collaboration with software developers, considering the unique financial dynamics of RMG games.

Regional Legal Landscape

The regions targeted by Google are currently experiencing significant shifts in their gaming and gambling legislation. Brazil is poised to initiate its national sports betting framework in 2024. Simultaneously, the Supreme Court of India is set to review the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as implemented by the Modi government. Mexico, too, is in the process of reassessing its gambling laws.

Google is urging developers engaged in RMG, or those planning to enter this market, to gear up for these upcoming policy changes, stating: “For developers already active in the RMG sector or those exploring these opportunities, we hope this will aid in your preparations for the new policy landscape.”

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