Government Encourages Grand Bahama to expand Gambling Business

The matter was addressed by Dr. Daniel Johnson, the Executive Chairman of the Gaming Board of Bahamas, during the occasion. According to the chairman, the priority mandate of the new board is to rebuild, renew and rebrand Bahama gambling. Currently, there are only three gaming licenses for hotels and casinos on Grand Bahama, and the Gaming board encourages expansion. Continue reading as we delve more into Grand Bahama gambling licenses.

The Bahama Government Plans to Issue More Licenses to Gambling Business

Casino Gaming in the Grand Bahamas is a special form of entertainment with the capacity for a positive economic impact. During the festivities, Dr. Daniel noted that from January to September 2021, the casino industry in Bahama generated a total revenue worth $131 million. However, the gaming board has never received even a penny of the revenue from the licensed hotels and casinos on Grand Bahama for almost 20 years.

According to the Bahama Gaming Board Executive chairman, the city lacks casino property for gambling expansion. Other cities such as Nassau, Atlantis, Nevada, and Orland have fully embraced the resort casino experience. They have all-inclusive resorts with casinos on the property, attracting millions of visitors to the resorts. For instance, Nevada host approximately 50 million visitors annually.

To expand the Bahamian gambling industry, Johnson and the Gaming board promised to issue one license by the end of 2022. The group will further issue another one in 2023. Ginger Moxey, the minister of the Grand Mahama who was also present in the commemoration ceremony, encouraged responsible gambling expansion in the country. She asked the board to “execute the social responsibility aspect of the Board as a priority agenda item.”

Grand Bahama 3 gambling licenses

Currently, there are only 3 licenses available in Bahama for gambling. That is why the Government wants the Grand Bahamians to build more casinos and expand the gambling business in the country. The three licensees are Atlantis Paradise Island Casino, Casino at Bahamia, Freeport, and Crystal Palace Casino, Nassau.

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