IBAS unveils its Plan of Becoming the New Gambling Ombudsman of the UK Gambling Commission

This third-party organization anticipates that once the UK Government publishes the long-awaited white paper on Gambling reforms, it will include the call for forming a new ombudsman.

Although the body already provides ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) service as the official route for dealing with conflict, that is opposed to the Gambling Commission. The IBAS believes it will be the ideal candidate for the position. Its objectives will be to protect customers from gambling maltreatment while uplifting the gambling industry standards across the board.

During its proposal to become the first UK Gambling Ombudsman, the Independent Betting Adjudication Service has outlined its goals and objectives if it assumes the position.

IBAS Outlines Its Aims and Goal Should It Become the Gambling Ombudsman in the UK Gambling Commission

The IBAS has put itself forward to bid for the expected new British Gambling Ombudsman. The third-party organization believes that it qualifies and has the expertise of being an ombudsman.

That is because it has an unparalleled commitment to making independent decisions and has, over the years, resolved over 80000 gambling disputes. IBAS has already outlined its duties in case it assumes the role. Some of the aims and responsibilities that IBAS unveil it will partake after taking the position include:

  • Provide fair play code
    IBAS unveils that its ombudsman governance structure will provide a fair play code that will stipulate the basis of determining conflicts, including reasonable terms and conditions for harmful gambling disputes.
  • Ensure customers are protected and Avoid backlogs of complaints
    IBAS says that it will enhance the services provided to gambling consumers when it assumes the ombudsman position.
  • It will offer all gambling customers fair, accessible, and independent services.
    Also, it will come up with ways of handling and resolving complaints efficiently to avoid backlogs.
  • IBAS will offer the most possible conclusive determination on deciding disputes
    between gambling operators and their consumers. And complete the process within a short time frame.
  • Raise Industry Standards
    IBAS also says it will raise the gambling industry standards by providing fair and consistent decision-making. In addition, it will provide a solution that works for the industry, the regulator, and the Government.
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