Internet Vikings Expands into the US Online Gaming Industry by Hosting Cloud Services

According to the CEO of Internet Vikings, Rickard Vikstrom, despite Mississippi being one of the pioneering online sports betting states in the USA, his company has not offered its services. The company was made to expand to the state at the request of its clients in the location. When commenting about New York, the founder and CEO said that the state has established itself as one of the biggest markets for online sports despite having opened a few months ago. This meant that it had great potential for becoming a leader in the gaming niche.

New York has taken a whopping $16 billion in wagers in 2022 alone, setting a new annual gaming record in the country. This has effectively made the state one of the most lucrative for the sports betting business.

Availability Across all Emerging Markets

The COO of Internet Vikings, Kristoffer Ottosson, said that the company was focused on being present in every industry that represented the interests of its clients, including the gaming industry. He said that this was key to ensuring that its clients were able to grow without any interruptions or delays.

Internet Vikings has also entered Empire State, anticipating the likely launch of online casinos in the geographical area. However, there are no cues to the likely launch of these services in 2023, as the relevant laws have not been passed and ratified. Furthermore, Gov. Kathy Hochul did not include online casinos in the annual budget, implying that they will not be available this year.

The company said it looks forward to the time when New York will accept other forms of iGaming. For the moment, the company will concentrate on Massachusetts and Ohio, two of the most recent iGaming markets. However, its preparedness will enable it to quickly join any other market that opens up in the near future to help its clients take the first opportunities that crop up.

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