KSA to Unveil Revised Responsible Gaming Policy Rules in June 2024

Extended Consultation to Ensure Thorough Feedback

The KSA Gaming Authority planned to release amended Responsible Gaming Policy Rules in May.

In December 2023, KSA sought insights from gaming providers, addiction care professionals, and industry experts to refine policy changes aimed at enhancing the duty of care online providers owe their players. This consultative approach was designed to gather a broad range of perspectives on the proposed changes, including:

  • Gaming providers who are directly affected by the regulations.
  • Addiction care professionals offering insights into the social impact of online gaming.
  • Industry experts who understand the nuances of gaming legislation and player protection.

The volume and depth of the feedback received were substantial, highlighting the vested interest of all parties in shaping a safer gaming environment. This extensive engagement has prompted KSA to allocate additional time to carefully review and integrate this feedback into the final regulations.

Implementation Strategy and Future Provisions

While the majority of the revised policy rules will be effective from June 3, 2024, KSA has planned a phased implementation for provisions that require significant technological changes by online providers.

This approach ensures that all operators have adequate time to align their systems with the new requirements. Key details include immediate implementation for most updated rules to quickly enhance player protection and staggered enforcement for rules needing substantial IT adjustments, with future dates to be announced.

Strengthening Frameworks and Partnerships

The rescheduling of the Responsible Gaming Policy Rules publication reflects KSA’s dedication to a balanced regulatory approach that considers the input of all stakeholders. This careful planning not only enhances the effectiveness of the regulations but also fosters a collaborative environment within the industry.

Additionally, KSA’s recent collaboration with Cloudflare to combat illegal gambling activities further demonstrates their proactive stance in maintaining the integrity of the gaming sector. As the new rules take effect, they are set to usher in a more secure and responsible gaming landscape.

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Jacob Evans Written by Jacob Evans