KSA’s 2022 Market Scan Reveals The Changing Make-up of the Dutch Gambling Sector

What you should know about this report

There are some key elements that are highlighted in this market scan report. They include:

  • The impact that the establishment of online casino gambling markets has had on the land-based gambling scene
  • Current trends in the Dutch gambling market
  • A significant 85% rise in the gaming market’s GGR between 2022 and 2021
  • A significant change in the distribution of the Dutch gambling market as online gambling constituted to 31% of the sector’s GGR, against 69% by land-based operators

In-depth details about the report

This report offers a great first chance for Dutch authorities to infer a set of outcomes accounting for the KPIs of the KOA online gambling marketplace for a full year, since its official launch in October 2021.

In the report, the Netherlands Gambling Authority detailed that the country’s licensed gaming market recorded a €3.4 billion GGR. This shows an 85% increase from the €2 billion GGR that was achieved in 2021. This finding was made by taking into account the BSR gross gaming results, which is the deposit made by players minus the prizes paid out.

The 85% increase, according to the KCA market report, was attributed to thee reopening of online and land-based gambling platforms after the COVID restrictions were lifted. The COVID restrictions led to the closure of land-based gambling platforms up to the end of 2022. The restrictions also affected the casinos until they were lifted entirely at the end of February 2022.

The scan also showed that the Dutch online gambling scene generates 23% of the total market share with a €1.9 GGR, which is about 56% of the licensed market share. Furthermore, the report also highlighted a BSR increase from €1.5 billion in 2019 to €1.9 in 2022, since the legalization of online gambling. On the other hand, the land-based sector experienced a 30% decline from 2019.

The 22 Market Scan Report on Sports Betting

According to the KCA report, the sports betting scene is much smaller than the online gambling scene. However, it is quite competitive, generating a 260% BSR increase to €319 million, most of which (83%) was brought in by online bookmakers. This showcases a 4% increase from 2021 and 10% in 2022.

Final Words

Finally, this scan highlighted significant changes in the gambling market in the Netherlands in 2023, since operators were banned from publicly advertising their services either on TV, print media, or outdoor advertising. This law was enforced in July 2023. As a result, KCA intends on conducting stringent checks to ensure that operators follow the new enforcements and only target players above 24 years old.

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