Live Solutions’ Casino Games to Enhance iGP’s iGaming Deck Platform

iGaming Deck: A Hub of Casino Gaming Excellence

iGaming Deck stands as a centralized cloud-based hub, showcasing an extensive portfolio of online casino games. It facilitates effortless integration for gaming websites through a single API, boasting a growing library that surpasses 10,000 games. This collection not only includes creations from well-established brands but also from rising stars in game development. Leveraging iGP’s foundational platform, iGaming Deck presents a stable and feature-rich solution, offering unprecedented access to game providers’ promotional features.

Revolutionizing the Live Dealer Experience

Live Solutions redefines the live dealer gaming experience by utilizing top-notch video streaming technology to mimic the thrill of real casino tables. With over 3,500 table hosts fluent in 55 languages, the platform brings the casino experience to life, enabling dynamic interactions among players and hosts across its multiplayer tables.

Leadership Vision for the Integration

Jean-Pierre Houareau, CEO of Live Solutions, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting it as a pivotal achievement for the company. “This integration with iGP marks a significant chapter for Live Solutions. Our goal is to broaden the audience for our games, and collaborating with iGaming Deck will help us realize that ambition,” Houareau stated.

Echoing this sentiment, Inesa Glazaite, COO at iGaming Platform, emphasized the benefits of the partnership. “iGaming Deck is built to offer a flexible, user-friendly solution for operators and their patrons. Our platform’s single API ensures a smooth integration process, while our ever-expanding game library provides detailed insights into each game. Partnering with a forward-thinking content provider like Live Solutions reaffirms our commitment to excellence. We’re excited about the upcoming features that will enhance iGaming Deck’s responsiveness and usability,” Glazaite mentioned.

A Future of Collaborative Success

This strategic alliance between Live Solutions and iGP through the iGaming Deck platform promises to deliver a more enriched gaming experience to operators and players alike, setting a new standard in the online casino industry.

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