MGM National Harbour Employees Join the Teamsters Local 639 Seeking Better Treatment and Other Benefits

Teamsters Local 639 is an experienced union representing employee rights across Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. The union was established in 1934 and has advocated for better working conditions for workers. The parking ambassadors at MGM National Harbour have recognised the value of the union’s services in ensuring accountability, quality working conditions and better wages.

Steve Williams, the president of Washington D.C local 639, congratulated the staff members at MGM for their life-changing decisions. By joining Teamsters Union, the parking ambassadors will access services from skilled negotiators and legal representation to help them get employees contracts with fair terms and reasonable pay.

In addition to the numerous advantages the union offers, it also presents an opportunity for growth as it provides value training and development resources for the members.

Implications for the Hospitality Sector

MGM National Harbour staff unionisation has extensive effects on the hospitality industry. If this bold decision made by the parking ambassadors is successful, it will inspire other workers in the sector to form a united in advocating for fair treatment.

Generally, the MGM National Harbour parking ambassador’s verdict to join the Teamsters showcases the willpower to have a united voice in negotiating for employee rights. This effort will bring numerous positive changes to the hospitality sector, as it is hoped that the example will inspire others to consider similar activities to improve working conditions worldwide.

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Joshua Rawlings Written by Joshua Rawlings