NCPG launches Agility Grant program for problem gambling prevention

Gambling Prevention Funding

Speaking at the launch of this strategic initiative, NCPG Executive Director Mr Keith Whyte said that the funds would direct the organisation’s momentum towards reducing gambling problems. The funds will go to between 4 and 6 NGO’s whose focus is gambling addiction. Each NGO will get between $20,000 and $40,000 in the first phase of the partnership.

Mr Whyte added that the guiding principle to the fund is innovation, collaboration and amplification. It involves developing progressive ways to solve gambling problems, come together with like-minded organisations and scale up the efforts. The end game is reducing the long term social and economic burden of problem gambling on America’s population, stemming mostly from addiction to land-based casinos, such as those in Las Vegas.

Professionalising the Course

He also noted that partnering with organisations in this fight is the best way to go. Citing their capability and networks on the ground, Mr White acknowledged that partnerships foster ideas and strengthen efficiency. He called on all eligible organisations to apply for the funding.

Application Process

Interested parties have until 22nd February 2022 to tender their application. NCPG will after that announce the successful organisations in March 2022. Application criteria will largely rely on the Agility Fund’s principles, community impact and the program’s focus.

The final analysis will depend on the bidding organisation’s prevention strategy and how they plan to scale up the plan. It involves research and accelerated deployment of the curricula in vulnerable populations. Focus groups will be the youth and opinion shapers within the communities.

Non-profit organisations described under 501(C)(3) of the Public Charity Designation by IRS qualify to apply. NCPG will assist interested parties to understand the requirements as set in the Agility Grant.

Its effects will inform the Fund’s approach for round-2 applications, which will be available for application in the 2022 summer or early fall.

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