New South Wales expected to run three-month cashless gaming trials With Popular iGaming Software Developers

About the New South Wales Cashless Gaming Trials

The regulatory bodies for gambling in New South Wales are looking to decide on whether to allow cashless gaming in the country. So, the trials will serve to help with making this decision. So, the trials will aim to assess cashless gaming solutions and how they operate in real-world conditions in clubs and hotels. Independent researchers will help identify, monitor, and assess the impact of these cashless technologies. Research methodologies prepared by independent researchers and customized to specific cashless technologies will be applied. While this is a trend that is designed for physical gambling establishments, it also closes another difference gap between the physical and online casino.

Furthermore, this trial aims to establish the changes in players’ attitudes and behaviors as a result of using cashless gaming technologies. The research also aims to discover the session lengths, frequency, levels of harm experienced, and areas for improvement to reduce the harm caused by gambling. The trial will run for at least three months. According to Liquor and Gaming NSW, the three months will ensure that sufficient data is collected to address the key areas of the research.

Participation in the cashless gaming trials

This Independent Panel on Gaming Reform has already issued invitations for venues and technology providers to apply to participate in the three-month trials. The applications are open until 13th October 2023. There are terms and conditions that applicants must meet to participate in the cashless gaming trials. The requirements are set by the Independent Panel. They include:

  • Harm minimization protections
  • Anti-money laundering protections
  • Data security and privacy protections

Final Remarks

Liquor and Gaming NSW has recently run cashless gaming trials with a number of industry leading software operators such as: Aristocrat, Utopia, IGT, and Light & Wonder. So, the institution is not new to such research. The results of the expected trial in New South Wales will determine the fate of gambling in the country, in terms of the payment technologies. This trial will begin after the applications are complete and finer details are ironed out.

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