Leading gaming technology company Novomatic has partnered with Tecnet Asia to distribute its products in the Philippines

Tecnet Asia, with its extensive experience spanning over 40 years, holds a leading position as a casino equipment supplier in the Philippines. To achieve its target market, Novomatic heavily depends on its well-established network of sales and service partners nationwide.

With this partnership, Novomatic has secured a prominent position in the flourishing Philippine casino industry, a noteworthy accomplishment. Among the Asian countries with thriving casino industries, the Philippines stands tall as a rapidly expanding market. This upward trend is predicted to continue in the forthcoming years.

Moreover, the partnership with Novomatic gives Tecnet Asia a significant advantage by granting them access to various gaming technology products. Known for its commitment to excellence and innovative approach to gaming technology, Novomatic has emerged as a frontrunner among leading companies worldwide.

Both companies are projected to benefit from the partnership over a prolonged period. By venturing into the Philippines, Novomatic can capture more market share, and Tecnet Asia can fulfill customer demand by providing a more comprehensive range of gaming technology products.

Other Important Facts:

  • A joint venture was made public on July 3, 2023.
  • Both companies are anticipated to derive substantial revenue from the partnership.
  • The partnership is projected to aid Novomatic in expanding its market share in the Philippines.
  • Tecnet Asia’s collaboration with another company will result in an expanded offering of gaming technology products for its customers.


The partnership between Novomatic and Tecnet Asia signifies a considerable expansion in the Philippine casino industry. The outlook is optimistic regarding how this collaboration will mutually benefit both companies in the long haul, with an added impact on promoting growth within the Philippine casino market.

With this partnership, Novomatic obtains an essential presence in the flourishing Philippine casino industry, and Tecnet Asia gains entry into the wide variety of gaming technology products provided by Novomatic. The partnership is anticipated to result in substantial revenue for both companies and aids in their market growth in the Philippines.

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