Slotegrator Makes a Deal with Lotto Agent to Create Something Incredible

When commenting on the new development, the business development manager at Slotegrator, Ayvar Gabidullin, said that working with renowned partners like Lotto Agent was special to the company. He added that the company was united in ensuring that the customers get the best solutions and receive pleasant surprises, and the partnership had great prospects.

Ayvar also noted that both companies had done a few projects together before this deal, but the 2023 plan was bigger. He added that fans should keep an eye on what will happen around the corner.

Leader in Lotteries

The first two super lotteries that occurred in America, MEGA Millions and Powerball, are the only games of chance to exceed the $1 billion payout. They first appeared on Lotto Agents sites and apps. Later, the site hosted some of Europe’s greatest lotteries, such as EuroMillions and SuperEnalotto.

According to Slotegrator,

Lotto Agent has hosted some of the world’s biggest lotteries in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and America over the years. These include some games with really complex matrices and amazing nine-figure jackpots. However, there have also been lower-priced jackpots with a simple entry requirement.

Ayvar added that Lotto Agent has offered services in almost all countries around the world where gambling is accepted. Therefore, it has studied and known the tastes and preferences of diverse cultures around the world. The company has expanded to offer online tickets to people who would love to take part in their home-country lotteries, even if they are far from home.

Expansion and Consolidation of Services

There are others that are willing to take part in lotteries offered in other countries, such as Europe, Latin America and America, for several reasons. They may not trust their national operator, or they may be attracted to the higher amounts offered in these regions. Over time, Lotto Agent has narrowed the markets where it can offer the best quality of service.

Lotto Agent explained that it was the player base that requested an expansion of games. Players in Latin America love crash games such as Aviator, while Indians love live dealer games and slots. Offering them a single portal for all their gaming needs was the convenience that was needed. The company started with slots but slowly rolled out table games such as baccarat, keno, roulette and live dealer options.

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