The Special Olympics Ohio receives a donation of $20,000 from BetJack

Statements from the stakeholders

CEO and President of Special Olympics Ohio Jessica Stewart stated that the funding from the digital casino industry would impact the players positively. It will enable their athletes to build fitness levels, display bravery, find joy, and exchange gifts, abilities, and relationships Jack Entertainment President Brian Eby said they look forward to having a good influence across Ohio. This is through supporting this purpose through the many various organizations in the state.

The first wager staked

Christine Hoyer, chief development officer for Special Olympics Ohio, placed the very first wager of the fresh year at BetJack, the bookmaker at Jack Cleveland Casino. Christine staked $68 on the Cavaliers to beat the other NBA teams and win the title. The bet was made in honor of the group’s founding year, 1968.

Final Thoughts

BetJack is an online bookmaker with physical locations at Jack Cleveland Casino. It saw thousands of bets placed on its initial day of operation in Ohio. With features like 30’+ video displays and a dozen 85″ TVs at each site, Jack Thistledown Racino was able to draw in large audiences.

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