The Malta Gaming Authority’s player protection responsibilities update for B2C operators

The cause of concern

The regulator has implemented adjustments in response to comments made during a dedicated consultation process; these alterations mandate that licensees track certain indicators of harm while developing methods to identify and solve problems in casino gaming online.

The Authority also mentioned how the alterations would enhance the existing player protection structure by making it clearer and more streamlined.

B2C new requirements

In light of the new regulations, businesses holding a business-to-consumer license will be expected to implement efficient systems and procedures for identifying customers at risk of developing a gambling addiction.

Once a problem gambler is discovered, the licensee must take “effective actions” to treat the problem and protect future customers from becoming addicted.

Moreover, licensees offering online services are obligated to prominently display a variety of information on their homepage, like:

The B2C licensee information, which distinguishes the licensee and guarantees that the licensee can be reached. A notice indicating that gaming by those below the age of 18 is prohibited. A ‘responsible gaming’ statement explains that online gambling can be detrimental if not regulated.

In addition, the homepage must include information regarding the player support programs on the site without limiting the scope of any disclosure obligations outlined in other policy mechanisms and other applicable legislation.

MGA’s next move

The next step is for the MGA to gather “professional experience” and conduct an in-depth study that can form the basis for creating such guidelines before they are released to the public.

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