LiveSpins Attracts More Streamers After The Twitch Ban News

The Twitch Ban Advantage

The gambling industry has faced countless events where there are new rules. These events have taught the industry that while there may be losers, there are some who see it as an opportunity to thrive.

So when Twitch, a streaming platform to reckon with, presented its major crackdown on gambling streamers, some gained a lot from the event. But, as expected, the biggest winners were rival platforms like LiveSpins.

LiveSpins offers a built-in live-streaming client to its users. And unlike Twitch, LiveSpins allows users to watch their favorite players and bet simultaneously. Twitch would allow their users to watch their favorite players play but would not allow them to gamble because Twitch is not designed for gambling.

LiveSpins CEO Chris Scicluna admitted that their business owned something to Twitch. He says that in 2021 they saw that Twitch had over 280 million streaming hours. However, Twitch had cut out some fun for their audience.

So LiveSpins saw the gap and tried to fix it in their live streaming platform. According to Scicluna, players can watch their favorite players, chat on the platform, and bet. So when the streamer wins, the fans can win too.

Better Opportunity

Unsurprisingly, LiveSpins has also found a better opportunity from the recent Twitch Ban. Robin Reed, a major investor in LiveSpins, has noted increasing attention to LiveSpins.

According to Reed, they had a strong pipeline, and the said pipeline has increased following the ban news. He further says that game providers, streamers, and operators have come to LiveSpins to see what they can get from them.

He says they have seen a tier-one interest from both the operator and supplier sides. But according to Scicluna, the game studios are the most interested. LiveSpins are now having active talks with some notable streamers.

However, Scicluna has strongly rejected the idea that LiveSpins directly competes with Twitch. He instead says that the two are only complementing each other in the industry.

In his remarks, Twitch had a better acquisition while LiveSpins were streaming in the lobby. He further adds that as LiveSpins, they work very hard so that their streamers don’t need to work as hard.

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