Xtremepush Unveils Revolutionary AI-Driven Marketing Marvel

A New Dawn in CRM and Loyalty Marketing

At the forefront of innovation, Xtremepush is poised to reveal an extraordinary leap in CRM and loyalty marketing technology at ICE London. This groundbreaking AI-first solution is set to empower operators with the formidable might of machine learning.

This tool is not merely an addition but a significant enhancement to Xtremepush’s Intelligence Studio, designed to transform player data into actionable, predictive insights for unparalleled campaign personalisation.

Tailored Intelligence at Your Fingertips

The essence of this innovation lies in its bespoke adaptability and the integration of out-of-the-box models catering to prevalent industry challenges, such as player churn. This allows for the creation of custom AI models that align with operators’ specific data landscapes, operational needs, and strategic ambitions.

The genius of Xtremepush’s platform is its unified approach, amalgamating all predictive insights into a cohesive player view. This integration facilitates the transformation of gamification campaigns into predictive journeys, enhancing efficiency, scaling results, and liberating resources within CRM frameworks.

Pioneering the Future of Gaming Engagement

The anticipation for this AI solution’s unveiling at ExCeL London is palpable, with promises of revolutionising campaign deployment and analytical precision.

Tommy Kearns, CEO of Xtremepush, heralds this as a pioneering step for the industry, introducing a novel paradigm for leveraging AI and machine learning in enhancing campaign performance and deepening customer insights.

Following the strategic acquisition of Thunderbite, Xtremepush has enriched its omnichannel marketing platform with games and loyalty enhancements, supercharged by AI/ML capabilities.

This fusion has birthed a singular, fully integrated solution that not only captures but enriches every facet of the player experience, ensuring engagement, loyalty, and a comprehensive 360-degree player perspective.

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