AstroBoomers: To The Moon
Game supplierFunFair Technologies
Release date26/04/2021
CategoryVideo Slot
ThemeCrash Games
Max. win2500
Mobile versionNo
Paylines -

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Where can I play AstroBoomers: To the Moon Crash Game for real money?

AstroBoomers: To The Moon
Bonus £200
RTP 95.40%
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Min deposit £10. Wager required: 35x. Bonus balance is paid with 10% installments to account balance. Bonus balance is not playable. Max bet is £20. Account balance is withdraw-able at any time. Upon withdrawal, any remaining bonus balance is forfeited. Play responsibly.

How to Play AstroBoomers: To the Moon Crash Game

  1. Choose the number of coins you want to use as a maximum bet on this spin.
  2. Pick the number of lines you wish to play with for possible wins.
  3. Initiate play and observe as the reels spin to show a variety of symbols.
  4. After the spin, check whether any winning payline combinations were formed.
  5. Take your prize money and go! If you have hit a winning combination, keep playing to increase your chances of earning even more coins.

AstroBoomers: To The Moon SLOT FEATURES

Fun storyEnjoyable gameplay with a high level of excitement, action, and tension
UniquenessA one-of-a-kind crash game with a space theme
Continuous improvementNew content and features are often added to keep players interested
Extra winsAdditional opportunities to win with AstroBoomers: To the Moon free spins and other bonuses
AnimationsAnimated with exciting scenes and characters reminiscent of classic space flicks
High payoutHuge potential payout thanks to accumulating progressive jackpot
Bonus stagesExtra prizes and fun twists await you in the AstroBoomers: To the Moon bonus stages
Mobile platformOptimal gameplay on the move requires a mobile platform that runs without a hitch
3D visualsIncredibly realistic 3D visuals that put you in the middle of an intergalactic adventure
Joyful soundsAn engaging soundtrack that significantly improves the gaming experience

AstroBoomers: To the Moon Crash Game Review

Jacob Evans
Jacob Evans

20 June 2023

AstroBoomers: To The Moon slot review

AstroBoomers: To the Moon is a captivating slot machine game that leads players on a cosmic quest to uncover hidden treasures. Stellar Gaming, one of the leading developers in the video game business, is responsible for creating the exhilarating experience players will have when playing this game.

The Crash Game, a fun and potentially lucrative bonus feature of the slot machine, is a highlight of AstroBoomers: To the Moon. It begins when three or more scatters appear anywhere on the reels. The game moves to a new screen featuring a cosmic-themed playing field when the eject button is pressed.

There are 25 paylines on the five reels and three rows of this slot title. Planets, rockets, and other spacey icons cover the reels in bright colours. The goal of the multiplayer game is to get maximum winnings of symbols by aligning them across the pay lines. Wild symbols may be used in place of any other regular symbol to complete winning paylines and are included in the game.

The maximum and minimum payout amount might change based on the player’s wager and the revealed symbols when playing the Crash Game. However, a player may gain a lot of money if they wager at this game because of its high volatility and many potential winnings waiting to be claimed. In addition, there is no standard jackpot to win; players may expect to cash in when they line up high-paying symbols or activate the game’s bonus rounds.

My favourite part of AstroBoomers: To the Moon was the Crash Game because of the interactive gameplay, the intense adrenaline rush and the dramatic mood it presented. Stunning visuals and a healthy dose of cosmic soundtracks took me on a dangerous but exciting journey that only added to the excitement of the game. Plus, the regularity with which victories were achieved maintained high excitement, contributing to an overall satisfying and pleasurable experience.

AstroBoomers: To the Moon is an exciting slot game you should try out if you are either interested in fiery space meteors, fellow astronauts, extra features of similar concept, or seeking a fun time.

Special Features of AstroBoomers: To the Moon Crash Game

Numerous bonus features and exciting extras add depth and variety to AstroBoomers: To the Moon Free. These additions up the ante and increase the stakes for those who play. The game’s single bonus mode is well-executed and fun, so it’s not a dealbreaker.

  • Rocket Free Spins
    When this feature is activated, the player receives a predetermined number of free spins (the “Rocket Free Spins”). Extra wild symbols are added to the reels during these spins, enhancing the potential for winning combos.
  • Multiplier Boost
    With Multiplier Boost, your winnings in the main game or free spins round may get a random accumulated bet multiplier. Albeit random, still there is a maximum multiplier and a minimum multiplier to be expected.
  • Jackpot Wheel
    A fantastic addition to AstroBoomers: To the Moon Free is the Jackpot Wheel. Players can win one of many jackpots when the wheel is triggered. This component increases suspense and the odds of winning big.

The additional resources in AstroBoomers: Free Ride to the Moon are fun and interesting. There may only be a single bonus game, but it makes up for this by activating it often, so players never go too long without a chance to play it.

Thanks to the Multiplier Boost function, increased rewards are possible in both the regular game and the bonus round. Thanks to this perk, players are kept interested and eager to keep the reels turning to maximum win.

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AstroBoomers: To the Moon Crash Game Strategy

Players that want to increase their chances of winning the Crash Game should use the following tactics:

  1. Create a Spending Plan: Limit how much money you are willing to lose and don’t go over it. You should not try to recover from losses by betting more than you can afford.
  2. Watch the Action: Watch the previous rounds to see trends or patterns. Keep track of your winning multiplier and take notice of any abrupt drops.
  3. Mind the Importance of Timing: When the multiplier is low, start with a tiny stake and strive to raise it gradually. Although there is no universally accepted answer to when to cash out, you may want to do it before the fall to protect your gains.
  4. Establish Attainable Financial Goals: When you have reached your target, walk away from the table. Always do let your emotions or risk-taking get the better of you.

Remember that the results of the Crash Game are entirely dependent on luck. While this approach may increase the odds of winning, it is not a sure thing. Be a responsible gambler who is ready to accept defeat.

AstroBoomers: To the Moon Crash Game App

The AstroBoomers: To the Moon app is available for mobile devices. Players of the game go on a thrilling space journey in which they must face various obstacles on their trip to the moon by completing a series of increasingly difficult stages.

The mobile casino game edition has gorgeous visuals and easy-to-use controls, making for a fun gaming experience everywhere you go. Get the app today and get ready for a fantastical journey!

AstroBoomers: To the Moon FAQ FAQ

Can I Play AstroBoomers: To the Moon for Free?

It’s never an issue to enjoy slots without spending any money.

To try out the demo mode of AstroBoomers: To the Moon for free, use the free play option on this page or visit any recommended casinos on this page, enter the game’s name in the search bar and click Demo. The AstroBoomers: To the Moon test version will then be activated, and you may game for as long as you desire using demo money.

In Which Casino Can I Play AstroBoomers: To the Moon?

AstroBoomers: To the Moon is a well-liked game that can be played in multiple online casinos. A good example is Videoslots Casino, where the game is readily available, and players may embark on their cosmic journey.

How high is the RTP Percentage for AstroBoomers: To the Moon?

Compared to other games on the market, this one has a far greater return-to-player rate of 97%. You are responsible for the uncertainty in this situation, and one may employ the auto-eject method and wager up to three times the max bet in each round.

Are there any Tips & Tricks for AstroBoomers: To the Moon?

Here are the best tips to follow:

  • Practise the controls to get a feel for them and learn how to move with more precision and agility.
  • Observe how obstructions are likely to shift, and adjust your course of action appropriately.
  • Make enhancements that increase your ship’s manoeuvrability and survival odds a top priority.
  • Make use of power-ups whenever you can to boost your score temporarily.

Can I Receive Free Rounds for AstroBoomers: To the Moon from a Bonus?

If you have been fortunate enough to get a casino bonus, you may bet on any slot machine with the extra money, dependent on the casino terms.

If Astroboomers: To the Moon is one of the rare games that cannot be played with bonus funds, you may still meet the wagering threshold by playing any other slot machine and switching to this game once you have sufficient funds in your account.

Can I Win More if I Play on a Certain Day or Certain Time?

Playing AstroBoomers: To the Moon on a certain day or at a specific hour will neither increase your odds of winning nor increase the likelihood of winning more. Random algorithms often decide the results of these games to avoid bias and predictable trends.

Are my Chances Higher if I Haven’t Won for a Long Time?

Playing AstroBoomers: To the Moon for an extended period without success does not always decrease your chances of eventually achieving victory. The duration of time spent playing is seldom a deciding factor in a game’s result, which is decided by a mix of talent, strategy, and chance.

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