How Video Slots Work

Video slots are popular and most played casino games. These slot games can be played with very low bets amount. Whether you place a nickel or several hundred dollars per spin, the game remains entertaining. However, these games were mechanical in the past, and punters could pull a lever to enjoy their game.

Today’s technology has changed everything, and these machines are small, like computers, with a processor and software design that give unexpected results with one button press as you're playing online slots. Video slot uses a software-based RNG (random number generator) to identify the outcome of your spin. This software base system ensures your virtual spin is random and fair. It is designed to deliver billions of reel combinations.

How to Find a Good Video Slot Game

Bonus Rounds

Before you choose your favorite slot game, you must first check whether the game offers bonus rounds or not. Select a video slot game that provides players with bonus rounds either to play for free or for money. Bonus rounds add more fun when playing for free. Besides, it increases your winning chances when playing in real mode.

Jackpot Games

One of the factors you should consider when choosing the best video slot game is the availability of jackpot games. A Jackpot e gives players a chance to win big as they play their favourite online slots. Always bee on the lookout for progressive jackpot slots.

When finding your best video slot, make sure you keep in mind the available jackpots and their pot amount. However, remember that jackpots with smaller payouts are easier to win than substantial jackpots.


One unique element about playing video slots is that it allows players to be involved in the game. Players have control of the number of pay lines they would like to play. And because the number of pay lines impacts the cost per spin and your chances of winning.

You should check the number of pay lines available when finding a good video slot. Furthermore, modern slots have eliminated the use of play lines and introduced better ways of winning.

Return to a Player

Lastly, always check on the Return to player (RTP) percentage before selecting a video slot game. RTP refers to the average rate of cash back you will receive for the funds you bet over some time.

Choose a video slot game with a high RTP, as it will translate to higher earnings eventually. An RTP of 94% and below is considered a low RTP,95% to 96% average is RTP, and 97%4nd above high RTP.

How to Win at Video Slots

With video slot games, no exact formula guarantees to win. It mostly depends on luck. However, several things can help improve your likelihood of winning, which include:

  • Practice more by playing free video slots on online casinos before you opt to gamble for real cash.
  • Play video slot games with a high RTP percentage.
  • Select your slots wisely and study the pay table.
  • Opt for smaller jackpots.

Difference between Video Slots and Classic Slots

Video Slots

The video slot is the modernized variety of slot games. They are more diverse and have more thrilling features than the classic slots. Below are the characteristics of video slots:

  • Themes-Video slots and classic slots vary widely in their themes. Video slots offer a variety of advanced themes using 3D graphics.
  • Bonuses and Special Features-Video slots offer various exciting features, including multiple bonus rounds, multipliers, free spins, and many more.
  • Bet limits-Video slots usually have high bet limits of £1,000 and above
  • Payout-Due to progressive jackpots and bonus rounds, video slots tend to have higher payout rates.

Classic Slots

Classic slots have been in the casinos for over a decade. They usually have simpler gameplay and a systematic structure compared to video slots. That makes classical slots beginner friendly and suitable for old-school players who prefer maintaining things simple.

  • Themes-Classic slots feature simple themes. They have a similar layout and use identical symbols, including fruits, 7, Bar, jokers, and rudimentary images.
  • Bonuses and Special Features-Classic slots have limited bonus features. You will rarely find any bonuses on the classic slots. And if there is any, maybe a maximum of 2.
  • Bet limits-Classic slots have low bet limits. Most slots will have a maximum stake size of below $100.
  • Payout-The classic slots usually have a lower payout than the video slots.

Online Video Slots with Jackpots

Online video slots with jackpots are the most liked and played casino games. While jackpot slots are similar to regular video slots, their main difference lies in the prize pools. A jackpot slot game gives players a chance to win hundreds, sometimes thousands, and even millions, even without spending a fortune. Jackpot slots are in different categories: progressive, fixed, pooled, and local jackpots.

Do you want to play jackpot slots? Hundreds of video slots with jackpots are available on dozens of online casinos. However, keep in mind that not all jackpot slots are considered best. Do your research and identify the best jackpot slots because the chance of winning a jackpot is dependent on the slot you are playing.

The Best 10 Video Slots Online Casinos
# Casino Bonus Turnover
1 Casino 10000 GC x Bonus Claim Bonus
2 High 5 CasinoHigh 5 Casino 250 GC x - Claim Bonus
3 MoonspinMoonspin Casino 30000 GC x Bonus Claim Bonus
4 Wow VegasWow Vegas Casino 1.5M Coins x Bonus Claim Bonus
5 Casino 30000GC x - Claim Bonus
6 SweeptasticSweeptastic Casino 17777 Lucky Coins x - Claim Bonus
7 Funrize CasinoFunrize Casino 125$ x - Claim Bonus
8 LuckyBirdLuckyBird Casino 5000$ x Bonus Claim Bonus
9 SweepslotsSweepslots Casino 10000GC x Bonus Claim Bonus
10 Pulsz CasinoPulsz Casino 200% Extra Gold Coins x - Claim Bonus

Most Popular Video Slots

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Playing Video Slots for Real Money

Although some players prefer playing on no-deposit video slots since there is no risk of losing money, playing video slots for real money comes with many benefits. Unlike free slots, playing with real cash gives you a chance to win for real.

Also, when playing in real mode, you can use your deposit for playing slots to claim offers and bonuses such as free spins and cashback. However, it is advisable to gamble with money you can afford to lose. That is because, in gambling, you can either win or lose.

Five Steps To Win at Video Slot Machines


Make Responsible Bets

If you are money-oriented and all you think about is winning or losing there are some tips and tricks to use. Then you are in the wrong game. Video slots are a fun and fantastic way to pass your free time with the hopes of making some cash. Before you choose a favourite video slot to play, have a clear budget for what you intend to gamble. Call it a day and quit playing if your budget is spent.

Use Bonuses

Always go for any respective bonus offers, as they increase the game credit enabling you to play your favourite slot machine. That is why it is advisable to keep an eye out for the bonus round. This action is key for you to qualify to be among the jackpot winners. Bonuses allow you to unlock free spins, an opportunity that helps you maximize your chances of winning. Knowing where these bonuses are and how to play them is advisable.

Play The Maximum Playlines

One of the merits of playing video slots machine is its fantastic pay lines. The old conventional win entailed three-similar symbols across the middle of your screen. However, today video slot machines are more advanced and come with a dozen paying.

That means the game will offer bigger odds of winning with each play. Besides, each additional pay line translates to an increase in the odds of hitting a winning combination. That is why we recommend punters go for video slots with maximum pay lines when placing their stakes to maximize their likelihood of winning.

Set a Stop-Loss

Video slots are fun when you stake responsibly. Before placing your stake, you must decide how much you are willing to spend playing. Don’t place a betting figure in your budget that you cannot afford to lose. Besides, you can have a maximum stake per hour and track how much money you spend through your eWallet balance.

Look for High RTP Slot Machines

One of the tips that can help increase your possibility of winning on video slots is choosing to play high RTP slot games. However, casinos do not make the payout percentages of different slot machines available to players. You can find the RTP of the type of video slots when you google online.

FAQ Video Slots FAQ

How Does a Video Slot Work at Online Casinos?

There are an average of 50 individual pay lines in video slots casino. However, this number might go up depending on the game you decide to play slots. When you spin the wheel, the program picks five different numbers in a single reel. The outcome of every single spin is independent of the previous spin. In case of a potential win, your winning is added instantly, and the balance is automatically reflected in your main account.

Are There Free Online Casino Video Slots I Can Clay?

Many online casinos offer a free range of video slot games. Most of them have no sign-up or download requirement. Therefore, you can use the free games, whose objective goal is to give a chance to new punters who wants to try their free version of video slots before using their real money.

Should I Play Video Slots for Real Money?

Yes, you can play video slot games and win real cash. However, it is good to know they are distinguished by their theme, game mechanics, the range of bets, the number of reels and rows, and the presence of special characters and bonuses in the game. It is good to note that there is a high-paying video slot for real money.

How Wan I Win at Video Slots?

There are several ways you can do to improve your possibility of winning video slots game:

  • Have a fixed spending limit- always know when to stop playing.
  • Know the paytable-Remember to check the pay lines to exploit your likelihood of winning the video slot.
  • Go for the lowest denomination when placing your stake- the action helps to understand the game’s volatility.
  • Play games for fun, not for profits
  • Avoid progressive video slots.

What Are the Best Video Slots?

Getting the best video slots depends on what is vital to you in a slot game. However, it is good to know that the best video slots have the following features: bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers, huge jackpots, and multiple pay lines, among others. Also, the best video slot will have quality graphics that engage a player and centre on a fun playing theme.

Where Can I Play the Best Games?

To play the best online casino games depends on your preference. Whether you like live casino games or complex video slots, there are many casinos to choose from. First, you need to scale down your option by reviewing the best online casino providing a wide selection of casino products with credibility, bonuses, and excellent customer service.

Which Providers Can I Choose From?

Nowadays, live casino games have experienced a major revolution. There are a few names in the online casino video slots known for providing top-notch bonus games you can choose from. These names are associated with exciting features such as 3D design, superb technical support, regulation and licensing, many currencies, payment options, amazing soundtracks, a bonus system, multilingual abilities, and device compatibility.

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