What are Slots You Can Play Online?

Augustus Fey invented the first slot machine in 1887, and he did not patent his work, so others copied his idea. Other notable inventions of the slot machine include the nickel slot in 1891, Operator Bell in 1907, and Money Honey in 1964.

Technology and the internet began taking root in the late seventies, affecting the slots machines industry as well. Fortune Coin was the first company to develop and release the first video slot machine under the manufacturer Kearny Mesa in 1976. The machine was introduced in Las Vegas at the Hilton Hotel, using a nineteen-inch Sony TV as the display.

Modern-day slot games were initiated by International Game Technology in 1978 when the company animated the reels to appear to spin. The movement of the reels was simply for visual purposes only. When the Reel Em machine was invented in 1996, it had a second screen that appeared on top of the first, and players could play a bonus round.

The various historical advancements in slot machines laid the groundwork for the slots industry we see today and its slot machine etiquette. Ease of access, huge game selection and progressive jackpots have propelled slots popularity to heights far above those of its predecessors.

Now with that explained, how do slot machines work?


These are the columns that represent each symbol in an online slot machines or video slot game. Initially, there were ten thousand possible outcomes each time a player would pull the lever on the ten symbols on each reel.

Modern slot games are rendered by microprocessors, giving the game the edge to thrive in today's world. Random Number Generation (RNG) is the software used in slot games today, and as the name suggests, the outcome is entirely random. The RNG algorithm works exceptionally fast, and the outcome is determined seconds after the player initiates the spin.

Understanding how reels work is important for players because then they can enjoy the game because they understand the rules and avoid misconduct. It is advisable to start with three reel slot games and then advance to five reel games owing to the level of complexity. You have a higher chance to align the same symbols in a three-reel game than in a five-reel one.


A pay line is a predetermined slot line where matching symbols must land to qualify for a win. Unlike the reels, the pay line does not move after a spin; it remains constant. Paylines are built into and released when the game is launched. This means that pay lines do not change when you refresh the game. The pay lines are indicated on the information screen of each slot game, and understanding them will help you get a better payout.

The first slot machines used the single pay line system, where players matched three symbols, especially fruits, in a row. Modern land-based and video slot games use multi-pay lines, the most common being 5X3 reels. It is best to read the instruction on every slot game you play to understand the appropriate wager for each pay line.

In 2016, Big Time Gaming developed megaway reels that revolutionized the slots game. When playing a megaways slot game, the reels keep expanding, creating more room for other reels. With the seemingly unending possible matches on different paylines, you can win more money on a megaways slot than on any other slots game. The pay line is also referred to as the line or bet line.


The layout of any slot game requires defined lines so that the payline is determined. It can confuse players when they want to determine what rows and reels are. The main difference is in the dimension and arrangement of the symbols. Rows are the horizontal lines where the symbols lie, while the vertical position of the symbols represents the reels.

Rows follow strict guidelines in that they can only be horizontal, distinguishing them from paylines.


Symbols are the icons in each game that need to match in the specified ways on the payline for you to win that round.

Payout Table

This is the information, usually in a table form, that outlines the payouts for different winning combinations, bonuses and jackpot features. These paytables also show the rules, requirements, paylines and all the information you may need about the slot game and how much online slots pay when the right combination is hit.

How Does One Play Slots Online?


It is relatively easy for a beginner to learn and play the most basic slot games. Here is a guide on how to play online slots:

  • You need to choose a slot game that fits your expertise and needs

  • Carefully read the payout table

  • Select the paylines and bets you wish to play

  • Click on the spin or play icon

Types of Slot Strategies

The Progressive

Progressive slots work by collecting a small amount from your bet each time you play and adding it to the jackpot prize. Always read the paytable instructions properly before you start to play at the progressive slot machine. This is because you do not have to place the maximum bet for all progressive games; with some, the minimum bet qualifies you for the jackpot from the progressive machines.

Most progressive slots follow the low reward and high-risk system, and thus players should be cautious with their bets. If you still want to try your luck, try to look for slots that have medium risks when compared to the wager and rewards. Another great strategy when playing this type of slots is to set a loss limit. This is the amount when once reached; a player should stop playing the game. A loss limit helps you maintain a healthy bankroll and reduces the chances of financial distress.

A player needs to have a healthy state of mind to appreciate that the probability of winning is relatively low. Accepting this fact allows you to comfortably navigate the game and be content with any outcome.

The buy-a-pay

When you are on a buy-a-pay slot, the tip is to wager enough to allow you to unlock potential plays in the game. This is because an opportunity might arise for you to rake in big time, but if you did not bet on the max, you would not qualify for the win.

The buy-a-pay slots demand that you go all in or not play all together. Use all the bonus rounds and free spins awarded to you. Buy-a-pay slot games are the perfect example of why slots are a game of pure chance. Reading and understanding the paytable is a crucial part of playing buy-a-pay slots, as failure to do so will cost you highly when you win.

The separate boxes on buy-a-pay paytables will usually show the winning combination and amount you will win when you play one coin, two coins and so forth. If you get a winning combination that requires three coins to activate and you only played with two, you, unfortunately, lose out on the win. The primary strategy that works with buy-a-pay slots is to bet the coins needed to activate the winning combination.

The multiplier

Multiplier slots are the most common slots because even if you get a bad spin, the push payout returns you to the amount you initially bet. The strategy you use will depend on whether you are playing a straight or bonus multiplier game.

For a straight multiplier game, playing one coin per spin is recommended because the machine pays the same amount of money for each winning combination. It is fruitless to deplete your bankroll by playing many coins at a time with a straight multiplier game.

It would help if you played full coins with a bonus multiplier game because they pay a higher payback in the long run. On the other hand, the frequency of hitting the bonus combination is relatively low. You may be tempted to play more coins on each spin because of the lure of a significant bonus. The best strategy is to play one coin for each spin.

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Significance of Symbols

Each of these symbols has different functions that enhance the game for the player. These symbols and their functions are as follows:

Types of Online Slots

The popularity of casino slots pales in comparison to online slots. Online slots are convenient because you only need an internet connection and a website or app of your choosing, and you are good to go. Some types of online slots you can try include:

Classic Slots

Classic slots were the first type to be utilized and remain the simplest and most beloved type of all time. This is the perfect type for beginners because it is easy to learn and play. Some casinos will even offer classic slots for free. You have to exercise caution because they are easy to play but also have a high variance. This means that the possibility of a quick win is just as high as losing.

You need to match three symbols on the pay line to win when playing classic slots. In a time where the reels are increasing by the day, classic slots have opted to offer free spins and many bonus rounds. The most commonly used symbols for classic slots include cherries, oranges, lucky seven, bells and bars.

In casinos, most classic slots have three reels, but most online classic slots currently offer three reels with five paylines. The five paylines add some excitement to the game, and medium-level experience players can enjoy it. The value of the coins is usually limited to three values.

Video Slots

Five-reels or video slots are a modification of three-reel slots in that they have more bonuses and better themes. The pay lines in a five-reel game start from ten, and the maximum can go to more than one hundred.

Five reel slot games are loved for their aesthetics, bonus features, huge payouts and even complexity by more adept players.

Video slots are the most popular in the slot games industry because they utilize different themes. For instance, they may use the storyline and symbols of a popular television show which makes it beloved by fans of that show. The bonus rounds also count as a distinct feature for video slots because they create a detour into another world in the same game.

There are many prize tiers in video slots, which also creates a bigger jackpot compared to three-reel slots. With more and different paylines, players have a chance to hit many winning combinations. Fortune Coin was the first company to develop and release the first video slot machine under the manufacturer Kearny Mesa in 1976. The machine was introduced in Las Vegas at the Hilton Hotel, using a nineteen-inch Sony TV as the display.

The Progressive Jackpot Slot

For every wager placed on a game, a percentage is used to contribute to a jackpot prize. In some cases, the players will need to place the maximum bet on the game to qualify and participate in the jackpot. The opportunity to cash out from the accumulated jackpot provides the appeal for this type of game.

The value placed on progressive jackpot slots makes them ideal for online casinos that are well-established and frequented by veteran players. Progressive jackpots fall into three main types: wide-area, stand-alone and linked. The jackpot for a standalone slot is not tied to other slot machines that use the same software. When the jackpot is gathered from multiple slots and online casino games, then it is a linked jackpot. Wide area jackpots are the most lucrative of the three because the amount grows exponentially in a short time.

The mode of operation with progressive slots is to offer small regular wins to cater for the eventual massive win. Since this type of slots use a jackpot meter, players can gauge when the time is ripe to enter the game.

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Tips for Playing Online Slots

When playing slots online, it is important to refrain from assuming that you can influence the random number generator in your favour. The algorithm provides the winning combinations, and it cannot be triggered to work otherwise. Some tips for online slots are:

Bet on as many pay lines as possible

Paylines make it possible for you to create as many winning combinations as you can in one spin. Many winning combinations contribute to your payroll and enable you to get more rewards. This tip on wagering on as many pay lines as you can is especially for progressive jackpot slot games.

Make sure you understand the rules

There is nothing as heartbreaking as seeing the symbols fall on a pay line, thinking that you have won but failing to hear those beautiful noises that announce your win. The paytable shows you which rules you need to adhere to so that you can play comfortably and collect all your winnings.

Make sure to use the special features

Special features are a player’s best friend because they can only offer rewards. You also need to know when to play the special features so that you can reap the maximum benefits. In some games, you will find that special features are only available after certain levels and can only be used within a specified time.

Practice with free games

As a beginner, you want to ensure that you get in as much practice as possible before you start playing with real money. You can learn all the tricks enabling you to rake in the big bucks when you use real cash. Free games also sharpen your skills as you develop new strategies that may work in your favour.

Pick a slot that fits you personally

There are a dime and dozen slots that you can play, and each has its own merits and demerits. It is always good to play according to your level of skills and expertise. Pay attention to the return-to-player rate, pay lines and even the popularity of the slot. In general, you should use your playing style to guide you to a slot that suits you best.

Aim for smaller jackpots

Winning a big jackpot is the dream of all slot players, but the odds of getting it is where the problem lies. The probability of winning the jackpot lessens by each player and the amount. This is why smaller jackpots are the way to go. Smaller jackpots are more frequent and pay more regularly, so you have a better chance of winning.


Casino.online FAQ

How do online slots payout?

After a successful spin and three or more similar symbols fall on the payline, you have won that round. The return to player value shows how much you will receive as a payout with each game. The payouts are remitted to your account in various forms, such as cash and cryptocurrencies.

Are online slots really random?

Yes, they are entirely random because an algorithm controls them. This software come preprogrammed, and thus players cannot alter them to effect a win.

They are also regulated by the appropriate gambling authorities, who ensure that the random number generator works as it should. There are some arguments on the internet that want to cast doubt on whether online slots are random or not, but these reports are unfounded.

How do I tell if the slot game is loose?

When players claim that a slot is loose, it is usually in reference to a machine with a higher payback percentage than average. This notion is, however, not based on any scientific reason and cannot be verified. It would be best to exercise caution when using the information you may have received about a loose slot.

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