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What are the opening hours of Grosvenor Casino?

Grosvenor Casino Birmingham is located on two different streets with one casino on Broad Street, Birmingham and the other on Hill Street, Birmingham. Both casinos have similar opening hours. They are usually open for 24 hours every day of the week. This has continued to give Grosvenor casino Birmingham a competitive advantage over other Birmingham casinos. Customers are assured of consistency in opening hours hence they are incredibly loyal to this casino. This casino has put customer satisfaction at the top of its strategic objectives.

The casinos also host other facilities like the car parking area, the restaurants, and the bars. These facilities also have their opening hours. The car parking area is usually open 24 hours every day of the week to ensure clients who visit the casino at any time are assured of the safety of their cars. The bar facilities in both casinos are open from 10 am to 6 am every day. The bars remain closed for only a few hours of which there are usually just a few clients at the casino. The restaurants in both casinos open from 7 pm to 2 am 7 days a week.

The opening hours at Grosvenor casino Birmingham are very efficient and favourable to all kinds of clients. Those clients who would like to access the casino at night due to engaging jobs during the day are catered for. Besides, customers who choose to visit the casino during the day are also able to experience a complete gaming experience. The basis of any successful business is the ability to offer accessibility of services to clients any time they need them and Grosvenor casino Birmingham seems to have utilised this secret to their maximum advantage. For this reason, this casino will continue to with other Birmingham casinos for as long as the gambling industry lasts.

What is the dress code at Grosvenor Casino?

The Grosvenor casino Birmingham website has not highlighted any official or specific dress code at the moment. However, clients are directed to keep away from visiting the casino in ripped jeans, work wear, sportswear or any other type of clothes that could result in an offence. Some of the most common offensive clothing includes t-shirts and caps that bear offensive slogans and unkind words on them. Other slogans may communicate racist, sexist or derogatory content that may make fun of other players and result in them feeling uneasy.

Other revealing outfits like the ripped jeans may attract the attention of players distracting them from playing which is in bad taste for the casino. Sportswear, for example, football t-shirts may spark unwanted discussions and debates that distract players from playing and may cause violence if not controlled. Casinos are places of fun and not places of brewing ill feelings and violence.

It is essential for a client to find out the current dress code of a casino to avoid being locked out. Clients of Grosvenor Casino Birmingham are free to wear what they feel comfortable in as long as it does not exceed the restricted dress code stated above. Most clients opt for smart casual jeans and closed shoes as they give a feeling of comfort and class at the same time.

Does Grosvenor Casino Have Poker Tournaments?

The Grosvenor Casino Birmingham website highlights the existence of both online and live poker. There is also the existence of some poker tournaments like the GUKPT which is the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, 25/25 series, and the huge Goliath Poker Tournament. Grosvenor Casino Birmingham has an extensive satellite schedule which allows all its poker players regardless of their level of experience access to the most exceptional UK live poker events.

The website has highlighted on the Goliath Poker Tournament that happens every year at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. This year it is set to happen from 26th July to 5th August 2018. Over the years, this tournament has continued to be a bombshell of activities and encompasses events hosted by Grosvenor Casino partners, Redtooth and APAT. The core event offers a 125 buy in alongside vast prize pools. All players are usually looking forward every year.

The Goliath Poker Tournament offers a poker experience that is almost equal to the Las Vegas experience. The casino is huge with several like-minded and fun players that make the tournament even more exciting. Every player has an opportunity to win a considerable amount of money from very small buy-ins. This tournament offers a variety of side games, fun-filled cash games, and other fantastic activities on site that cater for both amateur and experienced players.

To enter the Goliath Tournament all a player needs to do is pre-register. There is a 750 seat capacity and qualification possible for as low as £0.25p. Just visit the grosvenorpoker.com for a chance to qualify. Upon qualification, there are accommodation arrangements also available on the website. Players are also advised to participate in the prestigious GUKPT tour and 25/25 series which are also available at Grosvenor Poker Online. Both offer players life-changing sums of money. Players earn Loyalty Points from time to time which can be eventually exchanged for Poker Tournament entries.

Is there food available at Grosvenor Casino?

Grosvenor Casino Birmingham has a restaurant that is open daily for some hours to cater to the clients’ food requirements. The restaurant has professional chefs who understand precisely what quality the clients need. The restaurant has continued to offer first-class cuisines that have customers coming back for more every single day. The restaurant has a welcoming and calm atmosphere. The quality of food and service is excellent, and customers get value for their money.

Grosvenor Casino Birmingham offers a wide selection of modern and delicious dishes as it has a restaurant. There are both full meals and small meals based on the preference of the client. Full meals range from appetising mushrooms to spinach and roasted tomato pizza and goats’ cheese among other meals. Small plates include delicious pork ribs while snacks are fried calamari and waffles with vanilla ice creams.

Besides, there are unique wines, spirits, and beers from all over the world that go well with the selected dishes. It is essential to look at the available menus to see what is on offer and get to enjoy top-class and delicious meals. The Grosvenor Casino Birmingham restaurant is in the list of top restaurants in Birmingham that guarantee customer’s quality service, a serene atmosphere, delicious food, friendly hosts and generally excellent value for their money.

Is there a hotel at Grosvenor Casino?

Grosvenor Casino Birmingham website does not talk about any hotel. Hotels offer lodging facilities, and this casino does not provide that as it is not discussed on the website. Most hotels offer other facilities such as parking facilities and smoking facilities. Grosvenor Casino Birmingham has not been left behind as there are free parking services that are very secure to ensure the customers’ cars are safe and free from theft. Smoking facilities are available for the smokers to avoid pollution and disturbance of the non-smokers.

In a case where Grosvenor is hosting events and tournaments that need accommodation facilities, they always give links to decent hotels and tours companies on their website for customers to access. There is no hotel in this casino, but the restaurant and other fantastic facilities still put this casino in the ranks of the best casinos any player would want to play in!

What CLUBS/BARS/RESTAURANTS are near Grosvenor Casino?

Grosvenor Casino Birmingham Broad Street is located at Fiveways Leisure Complex on Broad Street, and there are many prestigious restaurants situated close to it. These are the best restaurants around this casino where players can pop in for a meal in case the restaurant inside the casino is closed. Here is a list.

  • Shawarma Makan – Offers a great atmosphere as the staffs are friendly and it is spotless. There is in-house baked bread and clients are guaranteed value for their money.
  • Revolution Birmingham – The restaurant section offers vegan options for food, and there are also Gluten free options.
  • Five Guys – It is American fast food with excellent service, food and value for money.
  • eastZest – It offers Pakistani, Asian and Indian dishes. It has vegetarian considerations, and there are Vegan menus.
  • Varanasi – It offers both Indian and Asian dishes. There are gluten-free dishes and vegetarian options.
  • Creams cafe – A cafe that offers creams mostly and has excellent service, amazing food, and excellent value for money.
  • Nando’s – It has Portuguese dishes and vegetarian options.
  • Del Villagio bar  It has a restaurant and a bar. It offers Mediterranean, European and Italian dishes. There are vegan options and gluten-free menus.
  • Khayyam Restaurant – It is vegetarian-friendly.
  • Javan – It has a vegan option.
  • 1565 Restaurant, Bar & Terrace – It is well known for Seafood.

Bars near Grosvenor Casino Birmingham Broad Street

  • Shooters Bar – It is American and European.
  • O’Neills – An Irish Bar with a  restaurant.
  • The Bierkeller – It is a German bar and pub.
  • Around The World Bar – Is a bar and also offers Pizza.
  • The Bull’s Head – A British Pub also providing food.
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Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor Casino
Birmingham, UK

  • Fiveways Leisure Complex, Broad St, Birmingham B15 1AY, UK
  • (0)121 631 3535
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