Grosvenor Casinos Launches Innovative Dealer Training Program in Dundee

The Comprehensive Five-Week Course

The academy, welcoming participants aged 18 to 38, offered an extensive five-week course. This program focused on mastering the art of dealing popular casino games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette. Although these abilities are considered to be vital for standard brick-and mortar casinos, they are also fully applicable in the live dealer setting of all online casinos!

Here Is What The Program is About

Rigorous Training and Skill Development

Participants underwent rigorous training, encompassing everything from mastering multiplication tables to enhancing manual dexterity for effective card shuffling and chip handling.

Becoming Casino Experts

By the end of the course, the trainees became adept in casino jargon, comprehending betting odds and payouts, and perfecting the art of spinning the casino roulette wheel.

Fostering Responsible Gaming and Career Opportunities

An essential part of the curriculum at Grosvenor Casinos’ Gaming Academy was educating trainees about customer protection and the principles of responsible gaming.

Emily Thompson, a 24-year-old participant from Dundee, shared her experience: “I was always curious about the casino environment. The academy wasn’t just enjoyable but also provided a deep understanding of the dealer’s role. I feel excited and prepared for my new journey in the casino industry.”

Grosvenor Casino Dundee’s Manager, Helen McCarthy, commented: “Grosvenor has consistently been committed to offering skill-building opportunities for job seekers in our community.

Being a casino dealer is not just a job but a specialized career that offers flexibility, the possibility of global travel, and the opportunity to work at high-stakes games and renowned tournaments. We’re thrilled to integrate these seven talented individuals into our Dundee team and are confident they will have prosperous careers ahead.”

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