What are Megaways slots?

The Megaways slots were originally created by different gaming software providers but are manipulated by a reel modifier to increase their paylines without changing the gameplay and other core features. Big Time Gaming licences its software to other gaming companies who improve their game-winning capabilities rather than create new titles.

Therefore, players enjoy the gameplay of the favourite titles but now with several times the number of paylines. The number of paylines changes from one spin to another. Besides, players win when they land symbols on adjacent reels.

The Best Megaways Slots

The best Megaways games slots also happen to be some of the most popular slot titles on the internet with new new Megaways slots being made. Therefore, you can enjoy their amazing feature while winning lots of cash from them. Here is a look at a few of the popular Megaways slot game machines.

The Best Megaways Slots Casinos

Top Megaways Slots Casinos
Real Money Casino Real Money Bonus Rating To the Casino
Stake.usStake.us Casino 10000 GC 6.0 Claim Bonus
High 5 CasinoHigh 5 Casino 250 GC 6.0 Claim Bonus
MoonspinMoonspin Casino 30000 GC 6.0 Claim Bonus
Wow VegasWow Vegas Casino 1.5M Coins 6.0 Claim Bonus
SweeptasticSweeptastic Casino 17777 Lucky Coins 6.0 Claim Bonus
Funrize CasinoFunrize Casino 125$ 6.0 Claim Bonus
LuckyBirdLuckyBird Casino 5000$ 6.0 Claim Bonus
SweepslotsSweepslots Casino 10000GC 6.0 Claim Bonus
Pulsz CasinoPulsz Casino 200% Extra Gold Coins 6.0 Claim Bonus
FortunecoinsFortunecoins Casino 18330. GC 6.0 Claim Bonus

Pros and Cons of Megaways slots

  • They boost the possibilities to win
  • It helps break the same monotony of playing the same gameplay
  • These slots have large payouts
  • It is impossible to unlock all ways to win
  • There are simpler jackpots out there
  • They have lower RTP than most original slots

How do Megaways slots work?

The Megaways slots work by changing how symbols win across the reels. Instead of winning when the symbols are winning the same line, they just require symbols on adjacent reels. This is true for most megaways games. If you have three symbols adjacent to each other, you can make win. Here are the similarities and differences with regular slots. Also you can find out how to play online slots.

Symbols and Reels

Megaways slots use the same symbols to help you complete your winning combinations. However, most Megaways have six reels rather than five in the regular slots. The extra reel increases your winning ways as symbols can be counted to six instead of the five in the conventional titles.

The use of the same symbols ensures that the game retains the same gameplay and feel. Given that most Megaways slots are made from popular titles, it helps retain the popularity of the modified title.

Payout Ratio

The payout ratio determines what percentage of the entire win goes to the player. It is also called the Return to Player percentage. Most slots have an RTP of just above 96%. Similarly, Megaways slots have an RTP of just over 96%. Therefore, there is not much difference between the original slots and their Megaways counterparts.

This means players are at no disadvantage in playing the modified versions of their favourite slots. You may check the payout ratio of your favourites lot next time you play a modified one.

Winning possibilities

This is the main difference between regular slots and Megaways counterparts. Regular slots can have anything from one to four-digit winning possibilities. However, Megaways slots have thousands of winning possibilities, with many having over 100,000 winning ways. Therefore, playing the modified version increases your winning potential several times over.

Unfortunately, you may not activate all the winning possibilities on your favourite modified slot. However, you will still activate ways several times over the original title.


Jackpots do not change with the use of the modification software. What changes with the new game is the number of winning ways. Therefore, if you were playing for the jackpot, you would still get it on the Megaways version. Those titles with a progressive jackpot still retain the unlimited nature of this top prize. However, there are few progressive jackpot slots modified by this software.

Bonus Rounds and Special Features

Most titles retain the special features found in the original titles. Therefore, you expect to find such features as wilds, scatters, cascading symbols, free spins, multipliers, bonus games, and gamble features, among others. However, you may notice that the number of such features in the Megaways versions of the games are many times more than those of the original games. In addition, the latter may have more bonus rounds than the original titles. Therefore, you are not disadvantaged for playing the modified titles.

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Casino Bonus and Free Spins for Megaways slots

There are several casino bonuses that you can use to better enjoy Megaways slots. Some of the popular promotions include reload bonuses, cash offers, free spins, no deposit bonuses and tournaments. Many of the promotions are available for use with slots. Therefore, you can use the bonus for the modified games.

It is good to take up offers from casinos to use with Megaways slots. They increase your winning potential without having to increase your deposits. However, you need to check if the title you are playing is eligible for the said bonus.

Software Developers who Create Megaways Slots

Many popular companies have created Megaways slots from some of their popular titles. This list explores some of the most popular software providers who have created many of the Megaways Slots explained above and what sets each company apart from others.

Net Entertainment opened its doors in 1996 as online gambling was starting to take shape. It has grown with the industry to become one of the leading games providers on the internet. The company is now known for feature-rich titles and being one of the pioneers in the mobile gaming space. Most games have features like cascading symbols, avalanche symbols, stacked wilds, and scatters. It offers some popular titles, including Gonzo's Quest and Starburst, which have Megaways versions.

Blueprint Gaming is a subsidiary of a renowned gaming company called Gauselmann Group, founded in 1957. Its headquarter is in Germany but has offices around the world. The company has a reputation for offering quality games with diverse themes. It is also one of the providers with the largest number of Megaways slots of the popular titles. The games come with fantastic graphics and amazing features to keep players engaged, although their play Blueprint Gaming also has titles with hundreds of paylines besides Megaways.

Big Time Gaming was founded in 2011 in Sydney, Australia. The software provider is known for the industry smashing Megaways mechanic that has been accepted by all the major software providers. This company has entered into partnerships with online casinos and aggregator platforms to offer its engine to hundreds of branded slots online. It also has several original titles, including White Rabbit, Bonanza and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The company continues to offer new games from time to time

Pragmatic Play was founded in 2015 in Malta. Right now, it has a portfolio of over 200 slots that are available on both the mobile and desktop platforms. Many of its slots are unique titles with realistic graphics and others with tens of reels.

It has also been rolling new titles from time to time to keep its market engaged. Besides, it has joined hands with Megaways mechanic to provide the modified versions of the popular titles. Many of the titles are produced ready for playing on mobile devices.

Megaways Slots on Mobile Devices

Megaways games can be played on mobile devices. The mechanic modified HTML5 games. These games can be accessed and played on any platform without modifications. The quality of the game does not change with the device you use. Therefore Android, iPhone, and Windows phone owners experience the same quality of games on their devices.

You access all the features by playing Megaways slots on your mobile device. Besides, the mobile devices have high-quality graphics output that gives these slots realistic free and gameplay. Therefore, it is a viable way to experience games on the go. Visit your favourite casino platform using your mobile device and try one of the Megaways titles to get a feel of the title.

Frequently Asked Questions About Megaways Slot Games

Casino.online FAQ

What's the difference between Megaways slots and other online slot games?

The main difference is that Megaways slots feature a variable number of paylines which change with each spin. In traditional slots, you either have a set amount of paylines which can not be altered in any way, or you are able to manipulate the number of paylines by increasing or decreasing the size of your bet. When you play Megaways slots, however, the symbol configurations and paylines change randomly after each spin, which may increase your decrease your odds at winning big.

Should I try out Megaways slots if I primarily play traditional slots?

Definitely! The online casino world is vast and full of new experiences, and you never know what you might enjoy! Who knows, when you play Megaways slots, you might discover that you prefer them to other online casino games, and even if they don't end up being your thing, it's totally okay - you can go back to more classic casino games at any point! There is no reason to commit to Megaways slot games if they don't end up appealing to you.

Are Megaways slots fair?

About as fair as any other slot! When it comes to online casino games, it's important to note that the casino always has a little bit of an edge. The games aren't rigged, and the overwhelming majority of winnings are dispensed back to the players, but a tiny amount will go to the house, as it does at physical casinos as well. You can actually see exactly how much that is by checking out the Megaways slots' return to player percentage, or RTP, which confirms how much of all the deposits are ultimately paid out back to players. This number is NOT set by the developer or casino, but is independently verified by the Gambling Commission and other regulatory bodies, meaning it's actually quite reliable and trustworthy.

Do I need a special casino account to play Megaways slots?

Not at all! You can play Megaways slots, online casino games and many more with the same account! Some online casinos will require you to make a separate account in order to access its betting section, but you can play Megaways slots with just your regular account, as they're still part of the online casino world rather than the betting world. In most casinos you'll find them in the same category as online slots, and you won't have any more trouble accessing them than you would most slot games!

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