African Americans in gaming sign partnership deal with SBC

This is to mainly serve the interest of the African Americans.

Main Goals of The Partnership

The main focus revolves around advancing governance, employment, and ownership of the organization. The CEO of the organization wants to make it his initiative to coach and mentor future executives. This is to ensure that the organization has a safe transition of executives when the existing ones retire.

Role of SBC

SBC in this case is the vessel that will be used to distribute the message to potential customers. African Americans in Gaming is a huge industry the problem is that it has not created enough awareness. This is where SBC comes in to provide people with data about it. This strategy will help the organization maximize its revenue.

SBC will also give the organization a platform to showcase its views and elaborate in-depth on what they have to offer and what new thing is coming. The SBC Summit North America will allow the company exposes most of its innovative products. Visitors will also be allowed to examine the products offered and air out their views on what might be done to improve their experience.

The organization heads can also meet with other innovative professionals and exchange ideas for the good of their organizations. The Co-Chair of African Americans in Gaming said his goal is to have some friendly discussions with industry stakeholders on the way forward. This is just for the benefit of the African American consumer who is, in his opinion, massively overlooked by the industry.

Also At the conference, there will be panel discussions that will mainly focus on the state of the industry in North America. In addition, challenges faced, issues surrounding the legislation of sports betting and online casino gaming will be aired out.


The partnership will be very beneficial to both the consumer of African Americans in Gaming and the organization. There is an improvement in the field of betting and gambling. I know moving forward more legislation to make betting a flawless and enjoyable experience.

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Alejandro Dalby Written by Alejandro Dalby