BGaming announces a competition for streamers with a $15000 prize pool

How Will Competition Winners Be Determined?

Results will be used to determine the competition leaders. These results will be submitted in three categories: Multiplier Hero, Scatters Champion and Greatest Showman. Multiplier Hero will be involved in rewarding streamers with the highest sum of multipliers within the 20 days.

The Scatters Champion category on the other hand will involve the first streamer to collect and submit the result of six scatters they have collected in the slots.

The Greatest Showman category will be very convenient to those streamers who have a great sense of identifying emotions. This is because its reward will be based on who submits the most emotional video moments captured during broadcasts.

Streamers will be able to see and compare their results to know their leaderboard position through the official Streamers Race website.

Kate Puteiko, Product Marketing Lead at BGaming, had some positive comments about BGaming. She said that the younger generation have started joining the streaming community. This in turn makes streamers trusted influencers in the industry.

She also said that there is an increasing interest in streaming games and the company encourages even more people to join. As time goes by, BGaming will introduce more events for streamers to enjoy and win prizes doing what they love.

BGaming offers more than 90 products with high-quality graphics that are compatible with every device.

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