Major Regulatory Changes Redefine Brazil’s Online Gaming Sector

Tightening of Transactional Guidelines for Online Gaming


Brazil continues to refine its regulatory framework for online gaming, introducing significant changes that will impact how transactions are managed. The newly unveiled ‘Normative Ordinances’ impose strict controls over how financial transactions related to online gaming are conducted:

Approved Payment Methods

  • Electronic transfers only, including Pix, TED (Available Electronic Transfer), and debit/prepaid cards.
  • General bank transfers authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN).

Prohibited Payment Methods

  • No cash deposits, bank slips, cheques, or cryptocurrencies.
  • Credit card transactions are also banned for both deposits and prize payouts.

The SPA’s updated guidelines require all payment providers for licensed operators to gain accreditation directly through BACEN, ensuring all monetary movements adhere to legal standards and mitigating risks associated with unregulated or undocumented transactions.

Customer Incentive Restrictions

Further tightening its regulatory grip, the SPA has introduced rules to prohibit any form of customer sign-up incentives, a common practice in the industry to attract new players.

Operators can no longer offer bonuses, free bets, or any promotional advantages for betting. Such measures are designed to promote responsible gambling and ensure a fair playing field.

Ensuring Fast and Secure Prize Payments

Under the new regulations, operators are now required to process payments and prizes to customers within a 120-minute window following the conclusion of any sporting event or virtual game.

Additionally, the SPA mandates that all licensed operators implement robust policies to manage liquidity risks. These policies must include established methodologies for calculating exposure limits and contingency plans, subject to annual review and approval by the SPA.

Operators must also maintain a minimum financial reserve of R$5 million, held in federal public securities in accounts separate from operational funds, further ensuring financial stability and integrity in the sector.

Strengthening the Foundations of Brazil’s Betting Market

The SPA’s comprehensive regulations mark a significant step towards creating a stable and reliable betting environment in Brazil. By setting clear rules for transactions, prohibiting incentives that could encourage risky betting behaviour, and ensuring operators maintain robust financial health, these measures aim to protect consumers and enhance the credibility of the sector.

As the global online betting landscape continues to evolve, Brazil’s proactive approach could serve as a model for regulatory practices worldwide.

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Alejandro Dalby Written by Alejandro Dalby