Cherry Casino – The Real Viking Experience with Great Prizes

The Real Viking Experience at Cherry Casino

One of the top reasons which make the Vikings so popular is their trade routes. The culture of trading is probably just as old as the original Nordic culture itself, which is why the trade routes are not just huge but also extremely complicated. In order to provide their gamers with a unique Viking experience and to get them to participate in a competitive tournament to battle it out, Cherry Casino came up with ‘The Real Viking Experience’. The competition is quite unique in nature and it provides fans of the Viking culture with a chance to showcase their gaming talents and prove their worth!

Get up to 500 Free Spins, make a deposit of €20 to unlock the Bonus Wheel.


There are plenty of spoils linked to this competition, such as 10,000 free spins, a cash reward of up to €10,000 and so on. These are credited to players who qualify for the coveted Lucky 100 players spot in the race. The first prize is an all-inclusive VIP trip to Iceland. This means that everything from the flight tickets to accommodation to tourist activities is covered.

How to Play

In order to participate in this Yggdrasil mission tournament, one can choose from two missions: Vikings Go Wild and Vikings Go Berzerk. In the first mission, the player has to collect 30 free spins symbols. In the case of the second mission, players are required to collect 3 chests from the base game. Of course, this is easier said than done and players are advised to sharpen their arrows, swords and spears in order to gear up for a really challenging but exciting competition.

In the event of the players failing their mission, Cherry Casino provides them with the liberty to restart their mission. This can be done at any point of time during the gameplay and requires 25 spins for doing so. Of course, there is also a minimum bet amount in order to qualify for such purpose, i.e. €0.50. It is important to note that only real cash funds qualify for this kind of usage.

Proving one’s worth as a real Viking is not an easy feat. There is the battle of the century, which requires Vikings (players) to travel far and leave the safety of their homeland (Norway) behind. Apart from vicious storms, the powerful monsters lurking in the waters are a serious threat. Slaying them will bring the players a lot closer to the rewards. Now, not all players will be able to survive these mighty sea monsters, instead, players can also aim to simply survive the battle and earn a spot in the Lucky 100 in order to win some goodies.

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