Embark on a Daily Wish Adventure for Spellbinding Rewards at 888 Casino
888 Casino Welcome Offer
Max Bonus 1000$
Valid Days  ∞
Turnover amount 40x
100% up to $1000 for your first deposit
no bonus code required
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100% up to $1000 for your first deposit

The Magic Daily Spins Await

For those setting foot in the mystical realm of 888 Casino for the first time, there is a special treat in store. Register, and you’ll instantly receive a complimentary spin on the Daily Wish Wheel, even before your initial deposit. It’s a wonderful welcome gift that can make your wishes come true!

The Daily Wish Wheel is also available to everyone who has an account with 888 casino and has deposited in the last 30 days.

The Scrolls of Terms and Conditions: Unveiling the Magic

Let’s dive deep into the enchanted scroll of terms and conditions for the Daily Wish Wheel Promotion:

  • Promotion Period: This mesmerizing journey is open until 31/12/2023, 23:59 GMT. Keep this date etched in your spellbook.
  • Daily Spins: To ensure your daily enchantments, simply log into your mystical account and perform the sacred ritual of depositing at least once.
  • Deposit Method: Be wary, for deposits made with Skrill or NETELLER shall not unlock the secrets of this offer.
  • Deposit Countdown: If you haven’t performed this vital incantation yet, worry not. Access to the Daily Wish game may take up to 48 hours after your first deposit, as the magic brew simmers to perfection.
  • Participation Limits: It’s a once-a-day incantation, limited to one sorcerer per household.
  • Regional Restrictions: Regrettably, the spell does not extend to those dwelling in the realm of Northern Ireland.

Unwrapping the Mystical Package: The Promotion Spell

A Trove of Prizes

The Daily Wish game bestows a treasure trove of prizes, including Cash, Free Spins, or Bonuses. However, remember that not all spells result in success, as the wheel may, on occasion, land on “No Win.”


The spellbinding Bonuses and Free Spins shall reveal their magic only if claimed within 24 hours. Bonuses come with their unique incantations, which demand attention, and they shall vanish into the mystical ether after 60 days of their summoning.

Free Spins

Use your free spins within 7 days of receiving them, for their magic is fleeting. They are exclusively meant for the enchanted 888 slot games.

Additional Magic Scrolls

  • General Enchantments:We have a few sacred scrolls of our own. Participants must have reached the age of gambling consent and offered truthful and accurate information during their  registration.
  • Cancellation Incantation: In case of mystical disturbances, legal decrees, or extraordinary circumstances, we retain the right to cancel, modify, or suspend the Promotion for the greater good.
  • Harmonious Play: Our realm thrives on harmony, and attempts to abuse our magical incantations shall be dealt with swiftly.
  • Wagering Conjurations: Beware, for specific spellbooks demand specific wagering requirements. You must decipher the scrolls before engaging in any mystical pursuits.
  • Spin with Wisdom: Alas, those who use Free Spins or Free Play in casino games shall not be deemed worthy of the coveted Jackpot prize.

The Daily Wish Game Secrets

Eager to explore the secrets of the Daily Wish game? Let us reveal the sacred teachings:

Eligibility Sigil: The game is open to all who have made a deposit within the last 30 days and remain attuned to their 888 account’s magical aura.

Prizes Beyond Imagination: The Daily Wish offers four possible outcomes: Cash, Free Spins, Bonus, or the elusive “No Win.” All prizes bestowed by the mystical wheel shall be yours instantly, as if delivered by the hand of fate itself.

Daily Ritual: Your Daily Wish can be spun once every day, starting at the mystical hour of 00:01 GMT. Even if you miss your daily ritual, fret not, for a new opportunity awaits with the dawn of each day.

Double the Enchantment: Keep your third eye open for the “Daily Mega Wish” wheel. It is a hidden treasure unlocked only by those who have offered a minimum of £20 to the magical coffers on the same day.

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