The 2022 Illegal Gambling Report Released by the Danish Gambling Authority

Collaborative Effort

Gambling Regulators European Forum (GREF) is the umbrella body for gambling authorities in the continent. It consists of 36 members, of which the Danish Gambling Authority is a member. The forum has working parties who come up with regulatory guidance to manage the gambling space. Some statements produced by such working groups apply to respective regulators in a bid to curb illegal gambling, with the recent one as a classic example.

There is a mutual understanding among all GREF members to curb the surge of unregulated operators. It is a continental-wide problem, requiring all 36 member countries to cooperate. The best way to handle this is by sharing advice and information on illegal gambling and consistent meetings on the illegal gamblers’ operations.

No Guarantees

Most of the casino websites do not have player protection policies and thus cannot meet the licensing threshold. User privacy is a big issue in European countries, making it a concern in gambling. Part of the collaborative effort is sensitising the bettors to the risk of sharing their data on these illegal platforms. Betting on these unauthorised sites poses a cybersecurity risk, and players cannot guarantee a fair outcome.

However, GREF member countries need to be more consistent in betting legislation and enforcement. Nevertheless, whatever they discuss and agree on must be respected and implemented.

New legislation to domesticate these policies is ideal, although it will not stop the corporation among GREF member countries against unauthorised betting sites. The bottom line is protecting bettors and ensuring a fair gambling market throughout Europe.

A unified front will give the gambling authorities an upper hand, especially when talking to digital platforms. Any harmful activity propagated by unlicensed gambling platforms threatens customers’ digital privacy, which is punishable by law.

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Alejandro Dalby Written by Alejandro Dalby