Evoplay to Attend the SBC Summit Barcelona after Seven SBC Award Nominations

Evoplay has also experienced a lot of commercial this year. The company recently expanded its business to LatAm and Europe. For instance, Evoplay just recently debuted in Portugal. The company attributes its success to its use of advanced analytics as well as feedback from players and partners. The gaming developer uses feedback to personalize its development process. According to Evoplay’s COO, the company’s dedicated team also plays a significant role in its success.

What sets apart Evoplay from other developers in the SBC Innovative categories?

Vladimir also explained that Evoplay stands out from its counterparts in the innovative category thanks to its drive to create experiences instead of just games. The company uses in-house technologies to enhance playability and an interactive experience for players. Evoplay also takes product developmet to a new level with its embedded experimentation culture.

How does Evoplay’s game development stand out from other studios?

The COO stated “we consider ourselves artists, technologists, and marketers.” Evoplay is more than a developer. The company believes in storytelling when creating games. The company also embraces gamification tools to breathe life into its games portfolio. The studio also focused keenly on the evolving demands of the upcoming generations of players who seek meaningful and personalized experiences instead of traditional approaches that focus on game design.

What to expect from the Evoplay SBC Summit Barcelona booth

Evoplay looks forward to showcasing its offerings at the SBC Summit Barcelona. The company aims to allow players to experience its diverse games first-hand, at their booth. The studio will also be providing players with a sneak peak into upcoming games and business offerings.

Final words

Evoplay has been nominated for the SBC leader of the year award among six other awards. So, the company is excited to see the outcome of the nominations besides showcasing its products and business at the summit.

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