Germany Unifies Gaming Regulation with the Formation of GGL

GGL Ends the Transition Period

The new body effectively ends the transition period for the German gambling market. It has the full powers to oversee the licencing of gaming bodies, craft regulation requirements, enforce penalties, make technical accreditations. The body will also mediate market disputes and handle taxation matters involving the stakeholders under its mandate. Before the body took over, the licencing policy was divided into several bodies that included Hesse for sports and horse betting, the transitional federal states of Saxony-Anhalt for online poker and virtual slot machines, Hamburg for state lotteries, Lower Saxony for commercial game brokerage and Rhineland-Palatinate for public lotteries.

The GGL will work from a combination of Saxony-Anhalt and Halle. It will also have the co-leadership of individuals from other bodies, including Benjamin Schwanke and Ronald Benter as the joint executives. The new body will hire about 20 initial staff at the beginning of 2023 to work from the Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office.

The treaty for the formation of the body was created in July 2021 as the federal states created a regulatory framework to modulate gambling services online and oversee the implementation of gambling laws. The regime has 35 licences for sportsbooks and 15 operators that hold slots and casino licenses. The operators in this jurisdiction have stricter restrictions than those in other comparable jurisdictions, including caps on bet sizes and monthly deposits.

Betting Bodies Welcome the Decision

The sports betting association, DSWV, has welcomed the creation of GGL. It says that the body will help harmonise all the rules and regulatory frameworks for gambling in the country. However, the body urged an immediate review of its mandate to help the market beat the unlicensed operators. The association says that the association is ready to go and has set up appropriate structures to regulate the online gaming market.

The German market for iGaming services still has high entry barriers. However, it is expected to review some of the strict regulations to make it easier for service providers to improve their offerings.

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