IGSA has Officially Confirmed the Creation of Cyber Resiliency Committee

What you should know about the Cyber Resiliency Committee

According to IGSA, the committee is supported by experts in the gambling scene, as well as recognizable participants and companies like Aristocrat Technologies and Light & Wonder.

The CRC seeks to establish standards for cybersecurity governance and framework control standards for the gambling industries as well as online casino operators in this sector. The committee is also expected to set standards for cyber risk management in the global gambling sector.

The confirmation of the new committee is not a surprise in the sector. This is because IGSA has been taking active moves to improve the gambling sector. Earlie this year, IGSA also announced the establishment of a Responsible Gaming Committee.

All this is part of an initiative to elevate responsible gambling standards and minimize common issues in the casino games sector, like problem gambling. While announcing the RGC’s development, IGSA also announced that the RGC will assist its members in handling problem gambling and solidifying their responsible gaming efforts.

Responses regarding the new Committee

The announcement of the creation of the CRC has been met with excitement from participants and key players in the gambling sector. For instance, many operators are excited to be part of the initiative. The President of IGCA, Peter DeRaedts, explained that the efforts of Gold and Platinum IGSA members helped to create the new committee.

Additionally, IGSA’s chairman, Earle G Hall, announced the plans of IGSA to solicit experts from its membership to create standards to improve cyber resilience as an initiative of the new committee. IGSA members all agree that cybersecurity is a top priority for gaming suppliers and iGaming software developers.


IGSA has made significant moves this year. Besides the announcements regarding the Cyber Security Resiliency Committee and the Responsible Gaming Committee, IGSA also announced the creation of an Ethical AI Committee earlier this year.

The Ethical AI Committee is also part of the association’s efforts to improve the gambling section. IGSA has other important initiatives in place that also share the same mission as the above launches.

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