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Bonus Fraud and Abuse

When bookmakers create a reward mechanism for their offers, witty gamblers devise a way of defrauding. The practice is known as dark web gambling, ringleaders or simply fraudsters. Identity theft is the most rampant and common in the digital gambling world. Account owners create multiple accounts to benefit from the welcome bonus. Multiple benefiting rids the sportsbook of organic growth, which helps these fraudsters more.

Alleged Fiasco at the Chinese Basketball Association Game

A match between Jiangsu Dragons and Shanghai Sharks in China saw one of the biggest upsets in Basketball. With less than 2 minutes to the end of the game, the Sharks turned a 0 – 4 deficit into a 6 – 0 advantage. Such turnarounds are not news, but the fashion by which the Dragons lost possession was questionable. In the process, the Dragons surrendered their dream of playing in the CBA quarter-finals.

21 Versus 18 – Which is the Ideal Legal Betting Age?

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear signed a sports betting act allowing 18 years as the legal betting age into law. It made the state the biggest in population to adopt this into law. In total, 26 states in the US have legalized digital gambling, but only 6 allow betting at 18 years. The other 20 states pegged the betting age at 21 years.

Developing In-House Casino Games

Traditionally, there are specific casino software developers who supply casinos with online games. In the United States, only 6 states allow online casinos; Michigan, West Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. However, there is still room to grow online games, which pushes casinos to develop their games.

Investors want to expand the in-house casino software idea as the practice evolves to other states.There is a lot of iGaming experimentation, as captured in the Eilers-Fantini Online Gaming Performance Database report in March 2023. Of the total games available in online casinos, own-creation games account for almost 8% of total gaming revenue.

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