BRBET Announces Mike Tyson as Their Brand Ambassador

During the announcement, the company announced that the promotion would use still images and film across various media, including TV spots, print, digital and social media. The first film intended for BRBET’s digital channels shows Mike Tyson watching sports at home. After scrolling through several distinguished betting sites operating in Brazil, Mike becomes angry that he cannot find one to place the bet he has in mind but later finds BRBET and places the winning bet.

While the ad was shot in Florida, it is made for the Brazilian market. One can notice the target market from the language used and scenes like Christ the Reeder and the caption “Rio de Janeiro”, which tricks the viewer into thinking that all is happening in the Brazilian city.

About the world champ

Mike Tyson has been controversial since he was at the top of his career. For example, he Bit Evander Holyfield’s ear while in the ring and has recently made headlines by saying that he thinks that his expiration date is close while addressing his fans in his podcast. Such controversies and his presence in pop culture have earned him global recognition, which is crucial for such deals. When Tyson signed a similar deal with Parimatch — another gambling company— in 2019, the company’s CEO, Sergey Portnov, explained that such individuals are exceptional because they can divert people’s attention, which is crucial in today’s digital marketing. For more news and deals, visit our news section.
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Alejandro Dalby Written by Alejandro Dalby