eGaming Monitor Offers Highly Visible Data with the New Bingo Product

High Quality, Actionable Data for Decision-Making

Now that a new product has become available, suppliers can access the bingo data. According to the eGaming Monitor chief executive officer, Kevin Dale, it had been months of building and developing the existing gaming databases from different suppliers, games and operators. He said they would now collect stakes, bingo players, jackpots, and stakes data as soon as it became available from major gaming sites. This has allowed the platform to offer interactive reports to suppliers and operators.

For the first time, this data product will provide market share by operator or supplier. You can even go down by every room, game type, or by the hour. Therefore, users can find all the data they need to decide or choose the right kind of game depending on their needs. Suppliers will also make tactical and strategic decisions about what to show their players.

Users can also use the data to manage the daily operations of the casinos available online, including free tournaments, the configuration of jackpots, room scheduling and optimal games to play. Studios also use the data for activities such as tracking the distribution of casino games, checking the performance of each game, identifying differences between various features and themes, and determining the best playing times for players from different parts of the globe.

It Comes with Filters for Enhanced Visibility

This is vital for the speedy provision of insights and easy distribution of actionable data across various stakeholders working on game marketing platforms. This helps in setting messages and optimising ads.

Besides, users interested in determining how the average buy-ins are influenced by default buy-ins or ticket prices can find actionable data from the platform. Besides, those who want to choose the best time/freeroll prize configuration that offers the most real money after an event can use filters on the platform to get accurate data.

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