Bet365 Announces Premier League Jackpots, New Odds and Fantasy Game

The betting platform revealed the breakdown of customer bets for the teams that are likely to win this title as the league starts. For example, the odds of backing Manchester City to take home the title for the fourth month stand at 48.9%. Other odds that have been revealed include teams that may be relegated and players that might get the Golden Boot.

Bet365 claimed that it took a look at the last five Premier League seasons to determine the betting trends that customers apply for each EPL season. This has helped it fine-tune its offers to meet these needs.

The Entry of the Fantasy League

In addition to the new odds, Bet365 has also added a fantasy league that is structured just like the EPL. At the time of making the announcement, the company said that a whopping 100,000 customers had already signed up for the fantasy games that are free to play.

The fantasy game allows players to pick a side and play it through the stage to the final. It is a fun way to get hyped for the Premier League. The game also gives players a chance to see the desired results for their teams. There will also be an award for the most lucrative football product on the market given to new and current players in the league.

Premier League £1m Jackpots

In addition to the two options above, the Premier League £1 million jackpots are back. These jackpots are also known as the Six Scores Challenge. Here, bettors on the site have a chance to win up to £1m by just predicting the scores of six Premier League games. There will be more jackpots once a bettor predicts the six games correctly.

All the other traditional offers from the sports book are also present, including promotions and betting options. Users of the site can also try other sports available on the platform to increase their winning potential. The company has also continued to support responsible gaming through the extension of its partnership with Rightlander.

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