Sky Vegas – £3,167,063.30 Biggest Ever Jackpot Winner!

Sky Vegas reports that the Sky Vegas Jackpot King draw is still hot even after experiencing the biggest and most celebrated drop of its time this month. With the blaring sounds of Sky Vegas Confetti Cannons and the lighting frenzy that announced the second-ever Sky Vegas Jackpot King winner, a 44-year-old joined the Sky Vegas Millionaire’s Club.

Now, with about one month left into the promotion and £3,167,063.30 well inside the now deep pockets of one 44-year-old Jay, the online casino reports that their customers could still pocket loads of money and other prizes before its end on the 31st of May.

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Such fortunes, the casino’s correspondents put, can be won from wagering in their Royal and Regal Pots. The Royal Pot is said to drop daily once or twice averaging to £27,000 a drop while the Regal Pot drops once a week with the average weekly winnings being £27,000.

They asked their customers to make a casino comparison for any jackpots that drop as frequently as theirs. Moreover, the online casino also reiterates that the Jackpot King is already back at £500,000 and appreciating every passing day it does not drop.

The 44-year-old winner, Jay, is said to an avid and well-deserving gambler at the Sky Vegas Casino. According to his wagering reports at the Casino, this guy was well aware that the best way to come across staggering riches, walking away with the figurative pot of gold, was repeated and persistent wagering to increase his odds at some sort of mega winning.

His road to a fantastic change of financial replenishment was fate bound when he started off by casting his first bet with the popular Sky Vegas spin at the Luck of the Irish.

He dared destiny by going head to head with the fortunes banker who facilitates the popular winning game Deal or No Deal: What’s In Your Box.

Sky Vegas reports indicate that the luck-bound winner, having not won a dime worth mentioning, went on to wager with the Casino’s Deposit £10 Play £20 promotion. Finally, with his losing odds spent a great deal, the lucky Euro Multi-Millionaire spent only twenty pence on wagering on a spin at the Jackpot King.

He wagered on the newest exclusive jackpot addition, the Pig Wizard for a chance to win £3.1 Million. For seventeen minutes, Jack is recorded to have spent only £33.60, repeatedly paying for 20 pence spins before his last spin hit the £3,167,063.30 Jackpot, setting off the Sky Vegas confetti cannons and disco lights.

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