Proposal by Sweden to increase data access rights

Proposed use of the data

In addition, the proposal presented by Niklas Wykman, the Swedish minister of financial markets, called for giving operators the option to evaluate and analyse data that players voluntarily disclosed about their health and finances. This would enable operators to take the appropriate actions to mitigate the negative effects of gambling on individuals. The sole reason that operators would be allowed to make use of this data would be to assist any players who appeared to be having or could potentially be having problems with their gaming. This information was made public by Wykman. Wykman stated that through the proposal, they will be able to guarantee strong consumer protection in the gambling industry. A follow-up by the State Treasury, in which they indicate that online casino companies ought to have a good understanding of their clients to be capable of counterbalancing problem gambling, led to the development of the proposal, which was formed after the follow-up.


In the event that the recommendations win support, the modifications to the legislation would enter into force on the first of January 2024.

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