The Dutch Gambling Authority Has Issued €1.8 Million in Fines to Two Illegal Companies.

Reason for the Penalties

According to the KSA’s announcement, the casino site is under investigation for its business practices. As a result, it learned the site provided gambling services without holding the appropriate regulation. According to the governing authority, gamers from the Netherlands were allowed to participate in such games of chance. Because they operated as providers, the regulatory body concluded that a penalty should be imposed against both firms.

It’s illegal for businesses in the Netherlands to provide betting or games of luck without a license, per the country’s existing gambling laws. The KSA fined the two companies a total of $1.8M after the government announced the enforcement action, citing violations of the Betting and Gaming Act in the nation as the reason. The KSA has the authority to investigate the activities of internet gaming enterprises and put fines against them, so this is not surprising.

The providers received some of the largest fines ever approved by KSA for violations, including encouraging underage users to sign up for their platforms and advertising large bonus rewards to those who did.

The Accumulation of Fines Ordered by the Authority Continues to Grow

Chairman of KSA Rene Jansen commented that the watchdog is keeping an eye on the gaming business. He said the regulator’s main goal is to provide a secure online gaming experience for those engaged in that kind of fun. Finally, Jansen emphasized the need to take decisive legal steps against bad actors to create a safe culture.

This new action follows a fine of €350,000 levied by the KSA earlier on Bingoal, an authority from the online gambling providers industry. The government took this step-in response to problems with the Crucks self-exclusion programme in the Netherlands.

Similarly, JOI Gaming was fined $400,000 by the KSA in January for promotional violations. In its ruling at the period, the authority said that the operator had promoted content targeted at young adults, which was against the rules in place in the Netherlands.

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