VR22 by SB22 Set to Revolutionize the Sportsbook Tech Space

Since its launch, this virtual reality product has shown that it has the potential to revolutionize the online casino sector.

Fans can look forward to an immersive 360-degree live game streaming experience. VR22 provides users with new ways to interact with the match in real-time. Additionally, its Players are guaranteed access to the best seats in the house, among other notable features like-An opportunity to purchase exclusive NFTs and VR22 merchandise, competitions and intuitive in-play betting possibilities

Endless Possibilities with VR22, from Festival Merchandise to Courtside Play

If you’re like most gaming fanatics, chances are you’re already wondering how such a young firm managed this feat. According to its CTO, Marko Savkovic, SB22 is committed to using the best technology in its platforms.

This ambition has seen it offer a unique and interactive way for fans to engage with the games on offer. Players can engage with its immersive live experience using the social leaderboards and placing bets on the next play.

Marko adds, “The experience is highly intuitive without the use of controllers and uses hand tracking.” Consumers using this virtual reality product should expect to interact with the Fi22 sportsbook platform in their gameplay.

Although many see it as a finished product, its team of 60 engineers isn’t ready to down their tools just yet. There are plans already in motion to develop VR22 further. These developments will be realized as headsets become affordable and readily available to the masses.

Savkovic explains that the biggest challenge the VR22 team has experienced is the tech limits placed on consumer gadgets. The platforms used to power these devices have made it difficult to create gadgets that aren’t tethered to computers.

What’s to Be Expected of VR22 Going Forward?

All indications are that sports betting operators will use it as an acquisition and retention tool. And the VR22 release couldn’t have come at a better time! Betting and entertainment have started to converge fast, and it’s expected it can help boost player numbers.

With time, platforms will be able to use it for much more than placing bets. For example, it will offer a live 360-degree viewing experience for major music festivals. Fans will also get a chance to buy NFTs of their favorite bands, gaming icons, and much more.

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