Win Big with 188BET’s iPhone 15 Pro Max January Giveaway!
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The Thrill of the Chase

How to Enter the Fray

Step into the limelight from 10th January to 31st January 2024 and be part of a riveting journey with 188BET. To qualify, simply amass bets amounting to a minimum of INR 50,000 on any of the 188BET offerings – be it the pulsating Casino, the dynamic Live Casino, or the adrenaline-pumping Sports arena.

This is your passport to securing not just one, but potentially multiple entries into the grand draw, each ticket a beacon of hope towards the ultimate prize.

The Glorious Prize Awaits

Amongst the elite who dare to dream, one will rise to claim the iPhone 15 Pro Max, a marvel of technology worth its weight in gold. For those who prefer the tangible touch of cold, hard cash, an alternative awaits – a handsome sum of INR 144,000 credited straight to your 188BET account. A choice of kings, for the victor to make.

Mark your calendars for 10th February 2024, for this is when the victor’s name will be etched in the annals of 188BET’s history.

The Fine Print


In the grand tapestry of 188BET’s offerings, this promotion is but a shimmering thread, woven with the promise of excitement, reward, and the sweet taste of victory. The rules of the game are set, the rewards, tantalizing – all that remains is for the brave to step forth and claim their destiny.

Rules of Engagement

This contest, a testament to both chance and choice, demands adherence to its sacred rules. Only those bets that swing the pendulum of fortune, resulting in wins or losses, count towards this illustrious quest.

Remember, the void is where bets go to die; those cancelled or void, those walking the tightrope of even chances in a single game, or those birthed from the realm of Free Bets, are banished from this regal contest.

The Crown of Victory

The chosen one, the bearer of luck’s kiss, shall be notified post haste come 10th February. A prompt response with shipping details within a week’s grace ensures the prize does not slip into the realm of what-ifs.

The winner’s bounty, be it the gleaming gadget or the cache of cash, will find its way to its rightful owner posthaste, a testament to 188BET’s commitment to honour and grandeur.

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