ClassyBeef Streams: When and Where

ClassyBeef is dominant on Twitch have grown from a team consists of 5 to 7 and 8 casino streamers. Within three years, ClassyBeef's schedule is among the consistent and active in the casino streamer industry. ClassyBeef streams daily from 10 am to late 2 am Malta time. Canadians enjoy proximity to Malta and are favoured by this schedule. This has significantly increased their streamers as they offer long streaming hours catching both day and night streamers. This has helped in growing their channel. If the ClassyBeef schedule doesn't work out with yours, don't worry; you can find plenty of ClassyBeef videos on Youtube. You can also visit their website to find their mech store and forum, among other things.

ClassyBeef Stream Live

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ClassyBeef favourite casinos

Top Casinos for ClassyBeef
# Casino Bonus Turnover
1 Casino 10000 GC x Bonus Claim Bonus
2 High 5 CasinoHigh 5 Casino GC 250 x - Claim Bonus
3 MoonspinMoonspin Casino 30000 GC x Bonus Claim Bonus
4 Wow VegasWow Vegas Casino 1.5M Coins x Bonus Claim Bonus
5 SweeptasticSweeptastic Casino 17777 Lucky Coins x - Claim Bonus

ClassyBeef Favorite Slots

ClassyBeef's speciality is in its Video Slots. High variance slots like Money Train and Dog House are popular as streamers love watching the thrilling ups and downs as they make some solid wins. Fruit Party has recently gained popularity with its multipliers galore and insane hits on 300 Shields.

ClassyBeef, at times, is popular among hot croupiers in a game of live roulette. However, slots remain their go-to choice among streamers.

All there is to know about ClassyBeef

Streamer Name ClassyBeef
Real Name Biggo
Country Malta
Year Born 1990
Followers 252 000
Favourite Casino
Biggest win $7.5 Mil.
Net worth $5.6 Mil.

ClassyBeef Casino Streamer Social Networks

Social media presence is part and parcel of you becoming a popular streamer. ClassyBeef is active on all its social platforms: Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, they are private and prefer to separate themselves from their professional streamer lives.

The old live stream clips dominate their website. Users of ClassyBeef's website may exchange awards they have accrued through viewing their programs for various gifts thanks to a unique feature. These prizes include Stake casino cash, an iPad or an iPhone. ClassyBeef capitalizes on its social platforms to communicate and connect with its viewers.


ClassyBeef's Twitch account has more than 224000 followers. Their Twitch account is where they hold live streams. It is a platform where all sorts of casino slots games are played. They are online for 10 hours a day, so you are sure you can catch them banter and play.


Their youtube channel is primarily for posting their videos. Unfortunately, they don't hold online streaming on their youtube channel. Currently, their channel has approximately 24.3K subscribers. Their youtube channel offers their most extensive and latest wins, ClassyBeef bonus rounds, competitions and raffles streamed videos.


ClassyBeef's Instagram channel's main content is posted o their personal lives outside gambling. The account has 69.8K followers already. You should follow their account to experience the guy's life outside gambling and short clips of the Casino. However, they like to keep their personal life private; thus, there are conservative videos.


Their Twitter account is primary for casino news and stream updates. ClassyBeef's Twitter account has 7.9k followers who eagerly await for ClassyBeef's giveaways and bonuses which are handed through the account. Please hurry up and join their Twitter account and join the ongoing giveaways.


Usually, ClassyBeef posts its YouTube content with its 1.2K Facebook fans. They further update their Facebook fans with casino news and seasonal pleasantries.


Twitch recently announced that it would ban streamers with affiliate links from their platform. Thus ClassyBeef decided to make a Discord Account. This account is also used to chat and connect with their followers. They also post updates and guides, join ClassyBeef's Discord account and become part of the 18.7K community.

Biggest win

Over the years, the ClassyBeef team has had the most significant wins, such as the €46,000 win on Punk Rocker and the € 25,000 win on the Dog House, but the most famous is the €81,000 win on Dead or Alive 2. However, they also have significant losses, making streaming exciting for the ClassyBeef. Often ClassyBeef streams on Twitch 6 days a week. This schedule is impressive as the chances of hitting the jackpot are high compared to individuals playing 20 or 30 minutes weekly.

ClassyBeef secret to winning is that they spent significant time playing almost sixteen hours daily, often winning big. Their luck is that some of the renowned casino slot games on their platform are those that have paid them a fortune.

These casino game slots include Apollo Rising, Dead or Alive 2 and the Dog house. These games are streamed when they are online.

ClassyBeef Casino Net Worth

ClassyBeef has streamed over 13,500 hours in just under three years with 18.5 million views. Their efforts and aspiration have paid off as they are now among the top streamers in the Casino streaming industry. ClassyBeef, like many online streamers, make money from different sources. They earn from streaming, winning, subscriptions, advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate deals. It will not be shocking to discover they had other income sources like investments that are not disclosed to the public.

ClassyBeef exact net worth is difficult to estimate. This is because no public data can be calculated but can be estimated and assumed. According to the online Twitch Calculator, ClassyBeef's average earnings per video is $43,409.00. If Casino pays them 25% of their followers to create an account and $100 per signup on their affiliate account, then ClassyBeef can be estimated to be worth $5 595,700.00.

ClassyBeef Private life

ClassyBeef is a group of eight official members who share the same experiences, knowledge and passion for betting styles on the online gaming industry and slot machines. They are believed to be in their late twenties and mid-thirties, while other details remain private.

After ClassyBeef's first appearance in the online streaming sector, Espen and Joe saw their society grow. In 2020, they hired another casino player Nando. Lamar and Jonte then joined them. Fredde, Georgi, and Biggo then later joined, completing the group. The team is known for their passionate gambling broadcasts.

They started as online gamblers entertaining their fans by giving informative and exciting content. The 200K ClassyBeef followers make them among the top watched channels on Twitch in various categories. ClassyBeef teamwork is the background of their successful career.

The ClassyBeef team like to keep their personal life private from their professional lives. You should follow their account to see brief videos of the Casino and the men's lives away from gaming. There are conservative videos, but they choose to keep their private lives secret.

ClassyBeef Highlights: Beef Battles & Challenges

Beef Battles is among the thrilling ClassyBeef programs on Twitch. This is where the team tries to beat each other in a slot. It is a one-on-one challenge, with another member of the ClassyBeef as the referee. Often the game involves buying free spins, and the winner is the one who wins the most spins. Their other battles and challenges include who will hit the first bonus or who wins the biggest win.

Summary of the ClassyBeef Casino Streaming

ClassyBeef offers more thrilling programs and time than a regular casino player. Although they play to earn a ton of money, their audience sees them as performers who like playing casino slots. They began tiny but have grown to become one of the leading streamers. Even if there were suspicions that they were deceiving customers or using false licenses, major betting platforms and online casinos never forbade them.

They chat and play with their audience when they play as a team. They share tips and ideas to beat or win a casino dealer. Their content is a combination of information and entertainment. Additionally, their website promotes quality and gaming performance. They also give back to their users through ClassyBeef loyalty points trading and bonus giveaways.

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