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Where and when does Trainwreckstv stream?

Trainwreck streams from his Twitch account. Like most top streamers, Tyler Faraz keeps a steady schedule of streaming sessions that you can easily view under the schedule tab of his Twitch profile. If you are interested in catching him, you can also visit his Twitter account to check his updated schedule.

You should also note that Trainwreckstv doesn’t stream each day or at the same exact hours on a given day. And when he does stream, the session lengths tend to run long and can even go for up to 24 hours or more.

Trainwreckstv Stream Live

Trainwreck streams at least four days a week at slightly different hours every day to account for different time zones. His average is about 25, 000 live viewers at a time.

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Trainwreckstv Favourite Casinos

Since making a transition into the world of online gambling, Tyler Faraz has focused his efforts on a few online casinos, with the list headed by a number of preferred cryptocurrency casinos where he can gamble with Bitcoin in particular.

Top Casinos for Trainwreckstv
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1 10Bet10bet Casino £250 50x Bonus Claim Bonus
2 Magical VegasMagical Vegas Casino £300 50x Bonus and Deposit Claim Bonus
3 All British CasinoAll British Casino £100 35x Bonus Claim Bonus
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Trainwreckstv Favourite Slots

Trainwreck plays at in large part because of the crypto slots variety. His favourite slots include:

Facts about Trainwreckstv

Streamer Name Trainwreckstv
Real Name Tyler Franz Niknam
Country USA
Year Born 1990 (20 December)
Followers ~2 Mil
Favourite Casino
Biggest win ~ 22.5 Mil $
Net worth ~ 18 Mil $

Trainwreckstv in social networks


Tyler Faraz Niknam’s career on Twitch started on the 14th of September, 2014. He regularly streams gaming content and IRL vlog-type streams. The 31-year-old last streams have been a mix of Slots (gambling), Rust gameplay and viewer interaction under the “Just Chatting” category. His top 3 streamed games are Counter-Strike, Among Us and World of Warcraft. Trainwreckstv is now more dedicated to his casino gambling in that he moved to Canada in Vancouver to keep on streaming from a place where online gambling is legal.

Twitch is one of his biggest income generation avenues. He now has over 1.8 million followers on Twitch and makes around $374.4k to $450k per annum.


Trainwreckstv created his YouTube channel on the 18th of November, 2015. At the moment, Tyler uploads highlights and clips from his Twitch VODs but his primary focus is building on his podcast and Twitch stream. He mostly uses his YouTube channel as a refresher for those people who are unable to catch up with the whole stream, so the channel doesn’t contain too much original content.

He currently has more than 208, 000 subscribers and millions of views. YouTube is estimated to generate $670 to $840 a month, which is insignificant to Trainwreckstv’s earnings on other platforms.


Trainwreckstv launched his Twitter account back in June 2015. He has a massive following with more than 512, 000 followers and has tweeted nearly 6, 000 times. His tweets are a good source of random thoughts, combined with video clips and casino tips.

Those unfamiliar with Trainwreckstv’s style, the lack of regular punctuation, the swearing and the rambles some of the time can be a bit of put off. But all of it can be rather entertaining and even informative, with occasional casino promo codes, shout-outs to other streamers, and sometimes a public service address of a charitable cause or gambling addiction issues.


Trainwreck is also active on Instagram. He is followed by more than 110k people and has uploaded more than 730 pictures onto it. His stories on Instagram can grant you a good glimpse of Trainswreck’s private life amongst casino-related things.

On his page, there are plenty of pictures of him. You will also find pictures of his many travels, animals and some impressive flaunting of his body-building regime and the results. He also loves to read and one can find quotes from the books he reads on his Instagram page.

Other Networks

Trainwreckstv is running his own site – – on which people purchase his merchandise, but he also streams from He doesn’t have a TikTok account but content posted by his fans has generated an impressive 65.3M views.

Trainwreckstv biggest win

Trainwreckstv made history on the streaming platform after winning a sum of 22.5 million dollars during one of his broadcasts. He manages to win this massive sum of money in two free spins out of his 15 free tries.

Trainwreckstv net worth

Trainwreckstv has never shared the exact figures with the public or his audience, but his net worth is estimated to be $18 million dollars based on his activities.

Much of Trainwreckstv money is earned via his Twitch streaming. Other money comes in via his YouTube revenue, sponsorships, Twitch tips, and casino wins.

Trainwreckstv’s private life

Tyler Faraz is one of the most secretive Twitchers out there and has not shared anything about his present or past affairs with the public.

For his love life, it is known that Trainwreck is in a relationship with social media personality and former streamer Kayla. Kayla is well-known for streaming various popular multiplayer games but was banned a few years ago from Twitch. Since then, she is mostly been in the background supporting Tyler Faraz.

Tyler Faraz is a huge fan of delicious food and enjoys Japanese cuisine the most. Sushi is one of his favourite Japanese food. Another thing that interests him a lot besides games is working out at the gym and watching movies and TV series.

Trainwreckstv - summary

While playing casino games yourself is fun, so is watching TrainwreckTV casino streamer. With his taste for risk and big bankroll, he is equipped to take you beyond your budget and go through the most delightful rounds – including massive losses and wins – on crypto slot games.

If you are looking for great gambling streams, Tyler Faraz Niknam or Trainwreck is a great pick. He knows what he is doing, which makes it engaging and amusing to watch. Though a little bit shrill for some individual’s tastes, in general, Trainwreck is a likable person, with his expressive manner and fun-loving personality.

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