Where and when does Xposed stream?

Mostly, Xposed streams on Twitch. Ever since Cody became a family man with a child in 2020, he plays more in the evening, especially from 9 pm, Toronto time. His streams go up to about 5 hours, but he sometimes has longer sessions. On weekends, he starts the streams earlier than 9 pm. To help fans navigate, he has the Xposed schedule on his Twitch page.

Although Xposed is known for his sense of humour, he takes his streaming business seriously and has always been consistent with the content. Probably this could be attributed to his love for gaming and the fact that he has a family to cater for with his streaming.

He also put together a team known as Xposers, a casino streaming team in which new casino streamers get to share how he has inspired them. As a result, his fans are assured of getting better quality entertainment from the Twitch channel. His Twitch has about 400,000 followers, and he does exciting broadcasts daily, sharing his experience. His live broadcast has attracted so many online casino fans and players.

If you miss out on the live broadcasts, you can find many Xposed videos on YouTube. The great news about YouTube is that you can watch the videos anytime, but sadly you won’t chat with him.

Xposed Stream Live

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Xposed favourite casinos

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Xposed favourite Slots

Facts about Xposed

Streamer Name Xposed
Real Name Cody Burnett
Country Canada
Year Born 1996 (7 June)
Followers 427 000
Favourite Casino Stake.com
Biggest win ~ 4.7 Mil $
Net worth ~ 12.8 Mil $

Xposed in social networks


Twitch is the social media Cody Burnett enjoys the most and his main streaming place.  This is where he plays most and interacts with the fans by chatting with them. He has over 400,000 followers on Twitch, and they all actively watch his streams, going crazy with each win. The chat on Twitch is also wild because Xposed is known to be full of humour and lots of charm.

Every day he does broadcasts whereby he shares his gaming experience. There are thousands of fans who watch and comment on his live broadcasts. The fans actively comment on his schedule, ask questions which Xposed answers accurately and reveal strategies to winning.


Another place you can watch Xposed’s videos is on YouTube. After Twitch, YouTube comes next, with the streamer having more than 241,000 subscribers who always watch his videos. The fans check in regularly to watch Xposed’s videos on his channel. The videos cover his slot tournaments, live games, CoD and Fortnite streams.

Although the YouTube videos don’t attract the same interaction on Twitch, fans still love tuning in to watch his videos. It’s a perfect play to enjoy his videos, but the only thing fans won’t enjoy is chatting with the streamer.


Xposed joined Twitter in 2013 but isn’t as active here as on Twitch and YouTube. However, he still has a large following of about 96,000 fans. What he does most on Twitter is responding to the comments made by fans.

Despite his tight schedule, Xposed always responds to comments and updates fans about his new streams on his page. You’ll find that most of Xposed’s tweets are about his live streams, and you can find attached links to his Twitch account, where fans can join the real action.


Like AngelMelly and most people, Xposed shows his personal and professional life on Instagram. He has about 62,000 followers on Instagram. You’ll find photos of him and his girlfriend most on his Instagram page. Also, since the birth of their son in 2020, he posts plenty of photos with him, expressing his love for his baby.

Cody also loves sharing pictures of their dog. Apart from sharing his personal life on his page, he also uses some posts to update fans on any upcoming news about his streams. He also loves sharing pics of his major slot wins.

Other Networks

Cody Burnett doesn’t shy from showing his life on social media. You can even say he is self-exposed, thanks to his availability on numerous social media platforms. Cody shares his personal and professional life and personality on these platforms.

Apart from the platforms discussed above, he started to streams from Kick.com, but also you can find him on Facebook and TikTok. Although many streamers don’t like using TikTok, Xposed is active here, often posting videos of his wins and sections of his streams. Of course, his main focus on all networks has always been on gambling.

Xposed biggest win

Some of Xposed’s biggest wins were on the slots Sweet Bonanza, Book of Shadows and Gorilla Gold Megaways. On Sweet Bonanza, the total bet was $7, he purchased ten free spins, making the total 700%, and his total win was $8,623,650. On Book of Shadows, his first win was $722, the second one was $131.20, and the third one was $12,000. For Gorilla Gold Megaways, the streamer was lucky. The bet was $5 per slot, and he won a total of $18,822,50.

Xposed net worth

In the real sense, Cody Burnett’s actual net worth isn’t known, but for sure, he makes a lot of money from streaming. With such a huge following on Twitch, there are several ways to monetise. Currently, it’s estimated that the streamer has a monthly income of about $6,000. Remember, many online casinos pay streamers like him to play at their casinos.

So basically, Xposed also earns from advertising. Some big names in the online casino sector even pay the streamer once a player walks in and mentions a referral from the streamer. So, considering all these factors, his net worth comes to around $13,000,000.

Xposed’s private life

Cody Burnett, aka Xposed, is very open about his personal life. He was born on 7th June 1996 in Ontario, Canada. He has been passionate about gaming since childhood, and he started his journey with Call of Duty when he was 8. With time, he started streaming casino games and slots. Apart from gambling, he also loves sports such as e-sports. He is also a fan of hockey and baseball. Cody has a girlfriend, Shania, and the two have a son.

One Fun Fact or something interesting about Xposed

One thing about Xposed is that he is a natural gamer. Although many people know him as a casino streamer, he also likes playing computer games. He ventured into gaming when he was 8 years old, and his first game was Call of Duty. Over the years, he has accumulated more capital, and his stakes are higher than before, making him a high roller. He is enthusiastic, and you can find Xposed play Fortnite whenever he’s not on Twitch.

Xposed - summary

Xposed is not only good at playing games, but his way of opening up about his life is refreshing. He is a Canadian guy with a beautiful small family. He has been into computer games since his childhood, but mostly he’s onto slots and casino games. Being a natural gamer, Xposed loves streaming a plethora of games.

He has managed to pocket millions of dollars from some of these games, and he still keeps winning. Xposed casino streamer is an excellent streamer who not only broadcasts his streams but also loves interacting with his fans through his social media platforms.

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