Where and When Does Deuce ace Stream?

Deuce Ace is not a full-time streamer. He has a job at a construction company, where he makes much of his income. This means that gaming is a past-time activity and he does not put too much effort into it. He is still pretty consistent in his streaming, which has brought him loads of new viewers in recent months.

The main streaming site is Twitch, and this is the platform where he is known for his gaming acumen. On Twitch, Deuce Ace streams at least three to four times a week and sometimes more or less, depending on his schedule. He may also appear on Roshtein's Twitch platform as they discuss and play the same games.

Deuce Ace has not shared many of his social media platforms as he wants to concentrate his followers on Twitch and other platforms where he is pushing his content. However, he has a YouTube channel where he occasionally uploads some of the streams that he created on Twitch. Those who have been following him on Twitch will not find any new content worth following on YouTube. Maybe he will vary his content later if he decides to create a following on YouTube.

Deuce ace Stream Live

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Deuce ace Favourite Slots

Facts about Deuce ace

Streamer Name Deuce Ace
Real Name Jay
Country Sweden
Year Born 1992
Followers 254,000
Favourite Casino Stake.com
Biggest win $129,122
Net worth 1-3 million $

Deuce ace in Social Networks


Originally a video game centered site, Twitch is the most popular platform where Deuce Ace broadcasts his gaming content. On this platform, he streams at least four days a week, with the average streaming period being about six hours. He sometimes streams up to 10 hours at a time.

The majority of the streaming begins around 10 a.m. in the UTC+0 time zone. The streamer has been pretty consistent in his timing to pull in as many viewers as he can. It is expected that he will continue streaming and bring loads of new viewers to his site.


Deuce Ace, like Ayezee and other streamers, also has a YouTube channel where he comments on and uploads some of his Twitch streams. However, the channel was to give highlights on his progress on Twitch and offer some pointers to his work. The channel is called DeuceAceTV and has been hosted in Malta due to the gambling laws in his home country. It has about 150 thousand subscribers and about 60 videos.

He does not post that much, as the 60 videos have been uploaded over the course of two years. However, the occasional videos still get many views, thanks to his Twitch popularity.


Jay is active on Twitter and regularly updates his customers about his Twitch exploits and plans. Over the last two or so years, the channel has reached over 10,000 followers. He also gets lots of views and retweets from the gaming community whenever he puts something up on the platform.

You can follow him on Twitter (his name is deuceacetv) to be in the know about his next move on Twitch or gaming in general. It is also a good way to be in the know when he is streaming next on Twitch or giving some free information to fellow gamblers.


Deuce Ace does have an Instagram account called @theadamhour. He has over 2100 followers. However, he only posts about his private life and photos of what he has been up to. There is almost nothing to do with his gaming life. It is an opportunity for his fans to know the other side of him that is rarely seen on Twitch, Twitter and YouTube platforms. The low number of subscribers compared to other platforms is due to the fact that he posts very rarely.

Other Networks

Deuce Ace is also on other networks, such as Discord. However, there has been little progress on these platforms, many of which he created before he was famous. Therefore, if you wish to learn more about his life before gaming and his personality, those are the platforms to check. Unfortunately, the player rarely posts links to other social platforms. Therefore, it is hard to know where else you can find him online.

Deuce ace Biggest Win

Deuce  Ace's biggest win was when he won a whopping $477,620 on the Rosh Immortality Cube slot machine. This slot is designed with the Roshtein image to celebrate the world’s top streamer. This win came about after eight hours into the game.

He tried everything to win the amount, including bonus buys, high-value spins and bonus hunts. Eventually, it all paid off when he walked with the huge amount

Deuce ace Net Worth

Deuce Ace's net worth is estimated by most top gaming analysts to be between $1 million and $3 million. The reason is that he has not won any life-changing amounts from gaming that may push the wins to millions. Second, Jay has a day job where he makes much of his income but it is not so much. It is not known if he has other properties or investments around the globe.

Deuce ace Private Life

There is little known about Deuce Ace's private life, as he posts little beyond his casino game exploits. Even his age is an estimation, as he has never mentioned it on any of the platforms. On Instagram, he posts a few images about his interactions with friends and the travels he has made. However, beyond that, there is little to write home about. Therefore, nobody knows about his relationships, children, siblings or other family members and where they are located.

One Fun Fact or Something Interesting About Deuce ace

When not on the gaming platform, Deuce Ace is a passionate nature lover who spends quality time interacting with his environment. He posts several images of himself and his friends outdoors on Instagram and Discord. His fans can also connect with him and chat with him directly on the platform. The stream likes to portray himself as a free thinker who enjoys life without regard for his surroundings or social standing.

Deuce ace - Summary

Deuce Ace is quickly gaining followers on his social media pages. In the recent past, he has been able to double his followers, especially on major streaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube. While he is currently lagging behind Roshtein, his dalliance with him has brought him a windfall in terms of the players that he has amassed on his channels.

Unlike Roshtein, the stream has not won millions on streaming. However, his consistent wins of average amounts, as well as his strategy to keep his losses manageable, will soon pay off. A lot is yet to be known about the 30-year-old casino streamer. This will come to light if he keeps winning at both the casino and his streaming sites.

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