Where and When does CORINNAKOPF Stream

Corinna Kopf returned to Twitch after she was banned from the site two years ago because of some videos. During her ban she has used Facebook Gaming as her preferred platform. She came back to Twitch in March 2022 and has been active since then. Her increase in followers is a sign of her progress in the online casino streaming business.

Corinnas streams are usually flexible but she prefers streaming from 4.00 pm. She usually streams from her hotel rooms when she is travelling or from her room when she is home.

Corinna streams for up to five hours and she also streams at odd hours of the day or night. She sometimes streams at 4.00 am because her global fanbase demands flexibility due to the time zones.


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Real Name Corinna Kopf
Country USA
Year Born 1995
Followers 1 million
Favourite Casino Stake.com
Biggest win 4 million
Net worth 5 million

CORINAKOPF in Social Networks


Twitch is one of the best platforms for streaming gambling at online casinos. Corinna Kopf has just over one million followers on the app and they appreciate her content. She was once banned from Twitch in 2019 for one of her video clips but she came back to the app in March 2022 and she has been posting amazing content since her comeback. Corinna has chatting sessions on Twitch but she also plays slots, Fortnite, PUBG, Minecraft, and UNO. Her stream time has been mostly used on Fortnite, racking up 382 hours so far. The others aren’t too far behind with 170 hours for slots.


Corinna Kopf is also on YouTube, like Yassuo and other streamers and she has been a YouTuber for quite some time. Her breakthrough cam when she appeared in David Dobrik’s vlogs and she later opened her own channel and began posting content. She currently has 1.75 million subscribers on YouTube. She posts general content on her channel which fans enjoy because its a sneak peek into her life.

Corinna has one of the oldest content on YouTube, dating back five years ago. Fans get to see here growth as a content creator from her first video to her current uploads. Corinna also provides her contact information on her YouTube channel to help her clients contact her.


Twitter is one of the most influential social media apps today and Corinna has used the application to her advantage. She currently commands over 2.8 million followers on her account. She joined Twitter in January 2011 and has since grown her audience by posting her daily activities on the app. She also indicates other social media accounts on her bio to enhance their growth since she has a large following on the app. Her comments and interactions on Twitter are highly appreciated by her followers because she doesn’t cower from sensitive issues affecting her followers.


Instagram is known for its appeal because users post pictures on the app. Corinna currently has 6.9 million followers on Instagram, the most following on any social media website. Corinna indicates her current sponsors on her Instagram bio. Of her more than 800 posts on Instagram, most pictures are of her poses, showing her beauty, and the places she visits. Her growth on all her social media websites is due to her large following on Instagram because she posts pictures from her other social media websites on the app.

Other Networks

Corinna kopf is on other social media networks such as TikTok. She has 4.7 million followers on TikTok and she posts a variety of content on the app.

Corinna Kopf is also on Facebook with over one million followers on the social media website. Her content is based on Facebook Gaming, where she posts videos of her playing some of her favorite games. She focused her efforts on Facebook after her ban from Twitch in 2019.

CORINAKOPF Biggest win

Corinna Kopf is an active gamer who doesn't reveal her wins online. However, her biggest haul came from playing the Floating Dragon. She had her max win from Floating Dragon once but she occasionally wins $250,000 from Floating Dragon.

However, some source indicate that she won a sum of $4.2 million in one month. A sum that’s currently her biggest monthly haul.


Corinna Kopf is a superstar and she is currently worth $10 million. Her monthly earnings are estimated at $1 million and sometimes she hits the $2 million mark. Her net worth will grow since her following is growing daily. She is currently sponsored by Stake, an online casino with offices across the globe.

CORINAKOPF’s private Life

Corinna Kopf is unmarried but she has been involved with YouTuber Toddy Smith a popular social media personality. Most people don’t like their private life aired online but Corinna shares a lot of her personal life on Instagram. She shows her personal interactions with her pet dog and also her interactions with her boyfriend on social media. However, she tends to keep her family out of her social media lifestyle to protect their privacy.

One fun fact about CORINNAKOPF

Corinna Kopf loves dogs and it is evident on her social media posts where she posts her dog. She even goes on trips with her pet dog. She was raised in a family that owned dogs and because of that she wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up. She also posts pictures of horses sometimes.


Corinna Kopf is more than just her social media posts. She is someone who enjoys playing Fortnite and other slot games on her live shows. An avid gamer who loves trying out new games and guiding her fans how to win money on slots. Her social media presence has enabled her to grow into who she is today. Rising from the shadows of Dobrik’s vlog squad she has made a name for herself in the online casino industry.

Corinna is a mental health advocate and encourages people to seek counselling if things get tough because she used to get anxiety attacks at a young age. She also encourages gamers not to get too addicted to games because it could affect their social life.

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